Monday, May 21, 2012

Lumiani -Arielle, White

Buongiorno Amici!

Every Shoe-a-holic needs a pair of shoes like this; sheer opulence bathing your feet in luxury, this Lumiani Arielle is a member of what I like to call the Luxe-Deluxe section of my shoe Arsenal.

Not every one can be a millionaire or live like the Rich and Famous, but you can certainly feel that way in a pair of shoes!  Rich, supple leather upper, leather lining, suede footbed and suede-wrapped wedge all mounted on a leather outsole. 

Nothing short of orgasmic, if you've ever owned such a shoe, it's a difference you can feel and know why high-end shoes are so pricey; it's much like when Dr. Zoidberg felt when he got his 300 Big Boys: "One art, please!"

Baci, Amici!

Stella Notte
Day 186: Monday May 21st 2012
Designer: Lumiani
Name: Arielle
Color: White
Style: Demi-Wedge Slide
Heel: 4.5 inches (11.43 cm), Platform: 1 inch (2.54 cm)
Material: Leather Upper with leather lined footbed and sole.  Suede wrapped wedge and platform

Dress: Old Navy


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