Monday, May 28, 2012

Naya -Fauna Tan/Coffee

Ciao a tutti!

Casually cool, I stepped out of the house this morning feeling very European.  I love the European style of laid back effortless dressing which is always well put together.  The mixing and matching of textures, fabrics and prints is a very flavorful fashion expression that I witnessed all over the European continent.  Regardless of age, our European counterparts, ditch the tennis shoes and sweats in favor of shirts, scarves and chinos, giving a relaxed elegance from shopping at the market or dining al fresco!

Today, in this ensemble, I am headed to the park with the children.  With the coolness in the air this morning, these ballet-type flats are perfect to keep my (always cold feet) warm.  The arch support and cushioned insole are great for the walk and whatever may come our way.

Now you know, my fellow Shoe-a-Holics, I love me some heels!   But when I saw these beauties on sale (I had been eyeing them for a while in the grey...they were already sold out of them in the black leather), I couldn't much so that I bought two pairs, the other I plan to have dyed black!

From the park, we headed down to the River Front, where I encountered some fans (if only of my hair); on assignment with their Cosmetology Class, these beauties asked they could snap some pictures of my curls, I agreed!  I was extremely flattered.  This curly hair is a recent style for me (within the last few years), and brings out my inner wild child!

Adventure worthy, I can't wait to wear these beauties black!

Baci a tutti!

Stella Notte
Day 191: Monday May 28th  2012
Designer: Naya
Name: Fauna
Color: Tan Suede/Coffee Bean Leather
Style: Ankle Cuff Ballet Flat
Material: Suede Upper and lining with contrast leather stitching along heel and vamp

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