Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mid-Week Matinee: Schutz -(042106009) Cork Wedge, Black

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It's been a week since your last Midday-Mid-Week-Matinee; from the What's Her Fantasy? archives, a Sixty-Second Sexcapade which is sure to delight! And as always, I hope this gets you through the remainder of the week!

The following story is not for the faint of heart and is NOT intended for those under the age of 18! Consider yourself forewarned!

Like Father, Like Son

My fantasy is a situation which I struggled with for nearly a year.  After a divorce that ended my two year marriage, I moved to Colorado for a fresh start –I wanted to move as far away from my ex-husband as possible. Perched high in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado offered a great deal for me, both professionally and socially –especially during my favorite season–winter. 
The weekend of my 29th birthday a few friends and I went on a ski trip.  On my second time down the slope, I skied, literally, into a man and knocked him over.  I landed squarely on top of him and I couldn’t stop apologizing.  I helped him up to sitting and when he removed his hat and goggles, I was in love.  Phillip was 37 and had the deepest brown eyes.  He wore his dark brown hair, with a few gray ones, nicely cut.  He also had a beard and mustache that was trimmed short and neat–with only a few graying hairs.  He made me promise to have dinner with him when I asked how I could make up for the accident.  That night, while the rest of his party was out for a nighttime ski, we had dinner in his cabin, which was followed my dessert again and again until morning. 
The next afternoon while enjoying cocoa by the fire with my friends, two young men approached us.  The cuter of the two sat next to me and began flirting.  He was attractive, but 21 was just a little too young for me.  He finally cooled his engines when Phillip came over with two fresh cups of cocoa (with marshmallows of course) and handed one to me –not before kissing me on the lips.  “She’s already spoken for son.”  Jay, the 21 year old, was Phillip’s son.  He fathered him while he was still in high school. 
Phillip and I started dating, and always had a great time –both in and out of the bedroom, but broke up after a year.  Why?  Jay continually hit on me, and I grew tired of fighting his advances, so I left.  Like the good girlfriend, I told Phil every time Jay made a pass at me, but he insisted that Jay just had a crush and that he would get over it in time.  He never did. Fighting the temptation, I couldn’t bring myself to sleep with both of them, but I really wanted to. 
For a year, I fantasized about the three of us spending the weekend at the same ski lodge.  I would imagine that Phillip leaves Jay and me alone in the cabin while he goes for an early morning ski.  I wake to find him gone and head for the bathroom.  Exhausted from the skiing the night before, I take a steamy shower to help soothe my aching muscles.  When I step out of the shower, there is Jay, naked.  “I was hoping I could join you.”  He flirts.
“Your father will be back any moment.”  He walks to me, and pushes his chest up against my breasts, and I step back into the shower stall.  Jay turns on the water and leans against the wall opposite the door.  As the water showers us, he pulls me to him; his size is as big as his father's, and Jay presses it into me.  He squats a little, enough to lower his shaft to the space between my legs and enters me.  I’m too short for him and I tippy-toe to accommodate for his length.  I lower my feet to standing, then back up onto the balls in order to pleasure him.  I feel a dick slid between my ass cheeks before a hairy chest presses up against my back.  It’s Phillip –he lifts my wet hair off my back before he kisses my neck....

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Stella Notte

Day 183: Wednesday May 16th 2012
Designer: Schutz
Name: 042106009
Color: Black/Natural/Black
Style: Wedge Platform
Heel: 4 inches (10.16 cm), Platform:1 inch (2.54 cm)
Material: Strappy Leather Upper

Beautiful in any color, click here (or here for the dynamic view)
to check out these beauties in the Natural/Honey Color

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