Monday, May 14, 2012

Naughty Monkey -Snappy, Silver

Ciao a tutti!

Rainy days always call for a little adventure!  Dressed in what I like to call my 'Rocker' outfit and shoes (don't you just love the studs and hardware?), I headed to the mall to indulge in one of my favorite!  Then I saw a sign...quite literally!

OMG!  A chance to win an All-You-Can-Grab Shopping Spree from Aldo?!

With Smartphone in hand, I set to task; three levels of interactive play requires one to look for the colored labels under designated shoes (hint, the blue labels are by the blue popsicle sign, yellow by the yellow and red by the took me some time to figure this one out!).

Then, click on the corresponding shoe from the images displayed on your phone to unlock the next level of play.  When you complete each level you are given a card with the opportunity to receive anywhere form $5 to $250 towards a purchase at Aldo* (I was informed that you can combine prize amounts).  The shopping spree winner will be drawn from entries at the end of the promotion.

FYI:  There are two ways to play in Aldo's Shoe Paradise in a video game, where you collect 16 pairs of shoes in 3-minutes,  or in stores, where you need a Smartphone in order to play!  And yes, residents of the UK and Canada are eligible!

What would I choose given the opportunity to grab all that I could in 3-minutes, you ask?  My, oh, my...where does one begin?
I'll start with these!

Red or the leopard in these peep-toe pumps?

Purple, blue, pink, fuchsia...Yes, one in every color please!

And something a little sparkly, too!
Navy platforms with a gold heel?  Yes!

And momma needs a new pair of boots!
And these strappy printed beauties!

And I'm crushing on these beauties as well...
Only 3-minutes?  So many beauties, not enough time!

Wish me luck...the only thing I'll need after my All-You-Can-Grab Shopping Spree will be a new closet...I wonder if Aldo sells those as well?


Stella Notte

Day 181: Monday May 14th 2012
Designer: Naughty Monkey
Name: Snappy
Color: Silver
Heel: 4 inches (10.16 cm)
Style: Strappy Cone Heel Sandal
Material: Cracked leather upper with burnished metal studs

* Aldo is having a sale...25% off online and in stores!

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