Thursday, May 17, 2012

Clark's Artisan -Hummingbird, Black

Ciao a  tutti!

My thoughts for today: A little kindness goes a long way!

The road to today's thought may be convoluted, but you'll understand (hopefully) once I get there.  My father used to say that, 'Civility is cheap'. And yes, he really did say things like this (I believe he had an adage for everything in life).  What do I mean?  It doesn't cost one anything to be civil, or perhaps a little more relate-able, kind.
Living in Italy, there were many things I experienced for the first time: dressing up in a time honored Medieval Festival, putting on a fashion show and hob-nobbling with the local Mayor...
With the Mayor of
Motta Sant'Anastasia
in my 'Promiscuous 'Enamored'

And while there were many new cultural and social activities I encountered, the one I shall NEVER miss is the relatively close proximity in which the locals like to me. I grew up in a big city where you kept your distance, but not in Italia. In a country of 60 million inhabitants (nearly twice that of Canada with a land mass of one-twelfth), being 'physcially close' to your neighbor is the rule rather than the exception: reaching over you at the market, reaching over you at the bar and even standing close enough behind you in line at the grocery store that it should be considered indecent!
Medieval Festival
in my Clark's Artisan
'Hummingbird' in Yellow
2010 NMCRS Fashion Show,
in my Steve Madden 'The Bombb'

So, being in the states again, I appreciate the space around me...especially when I'm in the checkout line at Old Navy (Now, I'm finally getting to my point).  While in line yesterday (the store nearest me has one checkout line, clearly marked on the floor, where one waits until the next cashier is available), the family (a middle-aged woman and her two grown daughters) stood right behind me as I was swiping my card.  The cashier, kindly asked them to wait in the designated area until the next available cashier.  And OMG, the mouths on those women and the insults they were hurling to the poor cashier was disgusting.

I commented that, "This job must really suck, some times!"  Graceful and dignified, the cashier looked over at the women then replied to me, "Lucky for me, I don't hear stupidity."  I laughed and cheered her on. Probably in a hurry during their lunch break she continued, "Perhaps I'll take a little longer checking them out...or forget to give them this coupon."  I applauded her as she slipped the 25% off a future purchase coupon into my bag.

I'm not advocating being so nice to the point where you are annoying, but being kind (even a little) really goes a long way; it has gotten me free dessert in restaurants (addressing the wait staff by name), employee discounts at places I do not work and now, a coupon I can use.  


Stella Notte

Day 184: Thursday May 17th 2012
Designer: Clark's Artisan
Name: Hummingbird
Color: Black
Style: Platform Wedge Slide
Heel: 3 inches (7.62 cm), Platform: 0.75 inches (1.91 cm)
Material: Leather Upper with flower detail and cork covered platform

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