Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Shoe Collection to Envy: Converse All Star -Dance

Ciao a tutti!

Fellow it is!  A shoe collection of enviable proportions! 
I haven't quite figured out how to use photoshop, so my lemon tree made a cameo in the shot!

A long time admirer of Converse's line of Chuck Taylor's, hubby got the first pair of Chucks (high-tops in blue) in his collection when our eldest child got her first pair (also high-tops in blue)...then there was no stopping him!

First pair in favorite color blue...
complete with hole!

Hubby's Chuck's have become his signature style. 

A rainbow of colors!

Here are some close-ups of his beauties:

To the untrained eye, the collection of shoes looks like just a myriad of colors, but the distinction is in the details:

Seeing Double?

Double rows of stitching, and side vent grommets!

All in All: No contrasting color!

Red on black...
The subtleties of owning 5 pairs of black Chucks!

Cuffs down...
Snaps and logo on the inside...

2 in 1!

Cuff up...

His Favorites:

Olive Green Parchment with green logo


One of his favorite groups...
The Clash

My Favorites:
Project Red...
Inspi(red)...see the red grommet?

Camouflage with the red and blue side stripes

Optic White...waiting to be worn :)

Me and my Chucks...and my lemon tree!

This is what we wore this morning...

Chucks that are leather boots...the side zip is my favorite!

Low cuts in Loden Green

Today's pick!

Get your yucks in Chucks!

Stella Notte

Day 190: Sunday May 27th 2012
Designer: Converse
Name: Dance
Color: Black
Style: 'Mary Jane' type-low-cut Chuck Taylor's
Heel: Flat
Material: Canvas and Rubber Upper

Digging the Chucks?  Follow this link to find them online.  If they are out of your size, a customer service rep mentioned that they should be back in stock by the end of May!

Not a record yet!  Joel has 27 pairs of Chucks (he found a pair of high-top pinstriped Chucks in a taupe color yesterday)...but this Florida woman holds the Guinness Record for the World's Largest Collection of Converse Chuck Talyor Sneakers at 733 (at the time of counting)!  See her story here.

Just a note:  When I bought these Dance beauties, I was on a Great Wilderness Adventure!  I wandered into a shoe store (beckoned actually..there were sale signs everywhere), and a statuesque beauty named Stephanie helped me with my purchase.  Unfortunately, all the pictures from my adventure never made it home with me and subsequently did not make it to tutte le Mie Scarpe.  But I reserve the right, should those pictures of my Wilderness Adventure resurface, to reblog them.  Special thanx to Monica, Lisa, Mosea, Turiska, Stephanie and everyone who made that adventure memorable! 


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