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My Favorite Places, La Biscotteria Siciliana Culosi Gisella: Black Rooster –Mino

Ciao, amici!
If you are looking for the place where ‘heavenly delights’ meet ‘sweet sinful indulgence’ look no further…it is located in Motta Sant’Anastasia!

Opening in 2008 and an instant favorite among locals, this Biscotteria (cookie store) has quickly made a name for itself as the best biscotteria in town.

While many cookie shops make only traditional Sicilian desserts, Gisella Culosi infuses familiar sweets with modern influences which combine to form a harmonious symphony of tastes unparalleled in this little town. Take a look…

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the volume of selection, ask for mista (mee-stah –mixed), and the attendant with chose for you.

My suggestion? Anything with rum (rhum, pronounced room).
Rum and Nutella? Yum!
If you know what you like, say so!

If you want something a little more contemporary, like me, (I love nutella) order the little cookie cups filled with nutella! If you are not nutella fan? The cookie cups filled with caffé (caff-ay: coffee cream), Pistacchio (pee-stack-key-oh: pistachio cream) or cioccolato bianco (white chocolate) are also available.
Clockwise from top left: nutella, white chocolate, coffee, pistachio

If you prefer the traditional Sicilian treats, you have your choice of mandorla (man-door-lah –almond paste sweets) mixed with pistacchio (pistachio), arancia (orange), limone (lemon), mandarino (mandarin orange) or caffé (coffee). They even make sweets with sweetened ricotta cheese!
Typical Sicilian desserts

If you are in the mood for something to cool you down on a summer’s evening, (or summer’s morning for that fact), order a chilled cake, usually filled with a variety of cream layers or you can have a granita (gran-ee-tah) and brioss (bree-oh-shh) respectively.
Chilled desserts


Brioche (brioss)

The temptation is strong, but I try not to eat here more than once a month...why? Because I have foregone an entire meal to eat dessert…like today…no lunch for me please…soli i dolci! (only sweets)!
I'm the last customer of the morning!

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 08:00-1300 & 16:00-20:00 (Closed during riposo). Sunday (yes, they are opened Sunday morning) 08:00-13:45

Note Bene: Directions to La Biscotteria Siciliana Culosi Gisella

Driving to Motta on SP 13 i.e.
Back Motta Road
make the first right onto Via Stazione Motta –it is the first street as you reach the establishments in town. (There is a bakery and a frutti-vendolo, fruit and vegetable store, on the right corner of your turn. If you pass the elementary school you have missed your turn). Drive slowly. Via Stazione Motta is a two lane road after the turn, but quickly becomes a one way road after the first street on your left. Immediately look for somewhere to park on the road. The Biscotteria Siciliana (Via Stazione Motta 38) is on your left.
If you miss your opportunity to park, that’s okay. Drive and make it to the end of this road (the road curves to the left) and you will end up driving through the middle of town. Drive straight through town (Via Roma). Continue straight until you reach the traffic light (which doesn’t work). Make the left at the light. You are headed down the giant hill in Motta. Continue down the hill (pass the school, which is on your left) and make the first left after the school. You are back on Via Stazione Motta. Drive slowly and look for somewhere to park. Walk to number 38 (on your left).


Stella Notte

Day 56: 05-14-2011
Shoe: Black Rooster –Mino
Color: Burgundy
Style: Platform Mary Jane Clog
Heel: 5 inches (13 cm)
Platform: 1 ½ inches (3.8 cm)
Material: Leather Upper

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