Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Favorite Places, Oasi Bar: Guess –Victorian, Taupe

Ciao, a tutti!
If Oprah can have her favorite things, then I can have my favorite places. I can’t think of a better place to start than with Oasi Bar, which we have come to affectionately refer to as Nuccio’s. 

For four years we have been tantalized, tempted and treated to these delicious Italian delights. An award winning and Guinness Book of World Record holding pastry chef, Sebastiano (Nuccio) is the culinary specialist behind this family run establishment...and when you're at Nuccio's you feel like you're at home.

 I usually start my day with a cappuccino...

...and then something to eat. You can chose from Nuccio's savory Tavola Calda menu which typically includes: cipolinaµ, pizzetta, cartocciata.ɤ; or you can have...

...Colazioneɵ which are on the sweeter side: graffaɸ, raviola with ricottaʊ, conchiglia with nutella or cream, cornetto with nutella, cream, marmalataψ, pistacchio; and so many other delectable’s to make your waistline expand!  Nuccio claims that if you choose something with honey, it will trim your waist line!  My breakfast recommendation:  Cornetto con nutella e un cappuccino…caldo, caldo, caldo*

I need to make a quick exit…I have recently switched from eating a cornetto con nutella to eating a conchiglia con nutella…then two…and Nuccio is more than happy to indulge my sweet tooth!

The good food and caffé (cappuccino for me) is what first brought us to Nuccio’s and it is the friendship that has kept us going back.  Grazie mille, Nuccio!

Note Bene: Directions to Nuccio’s –
If you are driving to Motta Sant’Anastasia via SP13 (Back Motta Road), drive into town and up that steep hill.  When you reach the traffic light (there is only one in town) which doesn’t work, make that hard right.  This road is Viale Carmine Caruso. (if you pass the cemetery, you’ve gone too far).  Continue about 250 yards.  The road will spilt –stay right.  About 30 feet after the road splits (you can park anywhere on the left side of the road after the road spilts), Oasi Bar is on the right side of the road (if you end up near Donna Fortunata, you have gone too far).
If you are driving to Motta via Strada Policara (Front Motta Road), continue driving though town (Via Roma), pass the Caribinari station.  Once you reach ‘ponte’ where the road opens up and there is an overlook where you can see all the way to Catania.  You are now driving on the right side of the divided road (Viale Carmine Caruso), you can park on the left or the right hand side.  Oasi Bar is on your left.
If you get the opportunity to head by Nuccio’s on a Saturday or Sunday evening (he is opened everyday except Wednesdays.  During the summer he is open every day, but closed for riposo§), his specialties are make with pistacchio.  Try his specialties: pizza al pistacchio or his arancino al pistacchio…you won’t be disappointed with either!

We shall revisit Nuccio’s when the warm weather gets here…and stays here.  His winter delights are good, but his summer delights (pistacchio granita, specifically) are amazing!!!!

Baci & Abbracci!

Stella Notte

Day 46: 05-04-2011
Shoe: Guess -Victorian
Color: Taupe
Style: Platform Peep-Toe Slide/Clog
Heel: 5 inches (12.5cm), Platform: 1 ¼ inches (3cm)
Material: Suede Upper

Tavola calda would be a fast food type of meal.
µ Cipollina (chip-oh-lee-nah) –flakey pastry with sweet onions (cipolla), tomato saucs, prociutto, and cheese.
ɤ Cartocciata –Baked bread with hot dog, spinach, mushrooms or something savory inside.
ɵ Colazione –Breakfast .
ɸ Graffa –sugar covered fried doughnut.
ʊ See Ricotta Cheese Festival:  sagra della ricotta
Conchiglia literally means shell.  A flaky pastry with a sweet inside and the outside looks like a shell.
ψ Marmalata –general term used to describe jam or jelly.
* I recently discovered that Italian beverages (espresso, cappuccino, etc…) are usually served warm –something I’ve encountered many a time, and have left half finished cups.  If you like your hot beverages hot, make sure you ask for it…I usually ask for it hot, like fire (caldissimo come fuoco)!
§ Riposo –is the mid-afternoon break (usually from 1pm-4pm).  Like a siesta, it is a rest time for many vendors when the weather is too hot to remain open.

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