Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kelsi Dagger –Wilma, Black

It’s been a while…where, was I? Ah, here we are…page 23…let’s see what the Duke and Juliette have been up to….
Juliette found it hard to concentrate; the Duke’s touch was transforming her every fantasy of him into a reality. “I…I…” Searching for the words to relay her story, Juliette found herself short of breath and aroused. “I –” She began again then stopped as the Duke took her hand and placed it in his, and led her to the bed.
As the Duke sat, Juliette stood, partly out respect, and partly out of wonderment –the Duke was veiled in a black silk robe, like the material from which she unwrapped her shoes, but unlike the gift, his robe was not tied closed.
He gestured twice, by patting the palm of his hand on his lap, for her to sit, and she complied, squarely, across his legs. Juliette looked to the Duke, then down at the duke –overcome by her own modesty, she attempted to hide herself, but failed miserably finding more body parts than hands with which to cover them.
Up until that moment the Duke had never seen her unclothed, or so she believed; Juliette had never noticed prying eyes as she frolicked in the stream (when she should have been attending to the laundering of clothes), or when she was caught in the downpour –drenched, she climbed through a second floor window as not to be chastised by the housekeeper; oblivious to most, perhaps to everyone…everyone that is except the Duke, and now Juliette was firmly fixed under the Duke’s gaze and fully exposed in his imagination.

“It seems as though I am making you uncomfortable.” His apology was unnecessary.
“No, your Grace…it is I –”
“Perhaps, you would be more comfortable here.” He motioned again with the palm of this hand, this time patting twice the center of the bed. Juliette again, followed his suggestion, crawling over his legs, and sitting, with her own legs stretched out in front of her.
The Duke stood, and the duke rose to attention. He reached for her foot, to remove the glass slipper. Juliette retracted her foot in protest.
“I see you like the gift.” He questioned coyly.
“Very much so, your Grace.”
He stretched out his hand. “I shall return it.” They exchanged glances. “I promise.” He smiled, and again Juliette found it impossible not to comply with his wishes.
The Duke removed both shoes, placing each delicately on the floor beside him, and stood again, but this time with Juliette legs stretched out in front of her...spread. The Duke crawled between them and leaned down…way down, for a kiss. She had never been kissed before. The Duke’s pencil thin moustache tickled her lips, and the equally thin tuft of hair which decorated his chin, coiffed to a point and almost sinister, tickled her fancy...[.]

Stella Notte

Day 45: 05-03-2011
Shoe:  Kelsi Dagger –Wilma
Color: Black
Style: Wedge Ankle Boot
Heel: 4 ¼  inches (10.8 cm), 
Platform: 1  inch (2.5cm)
Material: Nappa Leather Upper

Beautiful in any color; click here to see these beauties in Grey!

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