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Festival Special, Noto Infiorata: Born –Amiga

Hola, Amigas!

Today my shoes are taking us to the prettiest festival of the year…the Infiorata di Noto (the festival of flowers)!


A city in the Province of Siracusa, Sicily, Noto is located 19 miles (32 km) southwest of the city of Siracusa at the foot of the Iblean Mountains and gives its name to the surrounding valley, Val di Noto. In 2002 Noto and its church were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.*

The Carpet of Flowers
Every year on the third Sunday of May is dedicated to the Flower Festival in the city of Noto. The event began twenty six years ago by a group of artists and Netino Genzanesi who developed a new technique to prepare flowers, in the town of Genzano, near Rome. Via Corrado Nicolaci is the street where the floral pictures are displayed, and today, the carpet of flowers in Noto is considered one of the best events for the whole island.**


For a unique view of the flowers, try climbing the bell tower of San Carlo (located across the street from the flower carpet). For a few euros, you get a whole new perspective of the flowers, and if you have a pretty good zoom on your lens, you can get a picture of the entire display!

You can buy souvenirs just about anywhere. But if you are looking for unique handcrafted pieces which will become your mementos, then look no further than L’Unico Lavorazione Artiginale (Only Handcrafted Works).

From the first year we attended the Infiorata, we have been coming to see Pippo and Angelina.

We’ve bought everything from Rings fashioned out of shells to a hammock. But my favorite has got to be this gorgeous wooden table and bench-seats from Thailand.


To get to L’Unico: standing with your back to the arch, and looking down the street lined with trees, walk about 4 or 5 vendors down, and the store is located on the left.


Here are some other noteworthy attractions:

Classic Buggy Exhibit in the main piazza

 First time to Noto? How about a tour of the city by buggy!

Looking for a little refreshment?  Try a grocery story or butcher instead of restaurant or café. 
During festivals (and the tourist influx), establishments will generally offer a tourist menu, which is considerably higher than festival-free times in the city.  Also, not a fan of
crowded bars (we have had a bad experience at a bar in Noto last year from a patron who pushed me and the others I was with out of the way to get the last available table in the bar); we headed to the end (the beginning actually, opposite end of the arch) of  Corso Vittorio Emanuale (No.7), to a grocery store and purchased a 1.5 liter bottle of water for 80 cents and picked up snacks.

Note Bene: Directions to the Infiorata

Driving, take the Tangenziale towards Siracusa. The Tangenziale merges into A18 heading southbound to Siracusa. After you have passed the Siracusa exits, continue south towards Gela. You’ll pass the Cassibile and the Avola exits. Exit at Noto. Follow the signs into Noto and head towards the city center (centro –the symbol is a bulls eye). Parking on the road may be difficult. I suggest you park in the Stadio Comunale (Community Stadium), where parking is 3 Euro, and you are at the entrance to the festival. Get there early to ensure a great park!
When leaving, head towards the green signs marked A18 Siracusa-Gela. Once you make it back to the A18, head north towards Siracusa, then continue on the A18 towards Catania.


Just a word about the shoes...

Since I started this quest 57 days ago, my feet have really been taking a beating.  I am not just wearing these shoes for show (i.e. taking pictures), I am actually wearing these shoes.  This morning, I needed something comfortable.  I do not have very many flats in my Aresenal, and the ones I do have, I need to use them sparingly.  Unsure of why I originally purchased these (this is my first time wearing them), I’m glad I did.  The insole is padded (about ½ inch), and every step is cushioned.  What a dream!

Adiós, muchachas!

Stella Notte

Day 57: 05-14-2011
Shoe: Born –Amiga
Color: Twine Sequoia Beige
Style: T-Strap Slide Wedge Espadrille Sandal
Heel: 3.25 inches (8.3cm), Platform: 0.5 inches (1.3cm)
Material: Leather Upper and Leather Lining

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