Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bronx, So Today – Karma

Ciao a tutti!

Questa poesia e' per i miei amici siciliani (this poem is for my Sicilian friends, the English translation follows)

 Aviri Fami

A mo testa havi fami n’pi’ paroli
ca’ cadunu da ucca di pueti:
verita’, passioni, vita

I mo occhii hannu fami n’pa’ biddizza
ca’ fa l’anima ballari –
a mo muntagna si cummigghia ca nivi

I mo aricchi hannu fami n’pa’ musica –
suonu ca’ ti fa jisari n’paradisu

U mo nasu havi fami n’pi’ profumi
da i milli sciuri
n’semi cantinu

A mo ucca havi fami n’pi’ u sapuri:
cappuccinu e cornettu a matina,
pani a pomeriggiu,
pasta a sira…i duci;
pumadoru, olivi, arancini,
ba’ba’, sfinci, cannoli,
granita di pistacchiu, vinu a vulunta’

U mo corpu havi fami n’pa’ manu du sicilianu;
u sali du mari,
a calura du suli, da rina –
accuntentunu u mo corpu nudu

C’a Sicilia no mo cori,
haiu fami cu nenti.


My head hungers for words
which fall from the mouths of poets: truth, passion, life

My eyes hunger for beauty
which makes my soul dance –
my mountain covered with snow

My ears hunger for music –
sounds which lift me to paradise

My nose hungers for the perfume
of a thousand flowers
singing in harmony

My mouth hungers to taste;
cappuccino and croissants in the morning
bread in the afternoon
pasta in the evening…the sweets;
tomatoes, olives, arancini[1]
ba’ba’[2], sfinci[3], cannoli,
pistachio granita[4], wine flowing

My body hungers for the Hand of the Sicilian;
the salt of the sea
the heat of the sun, the sand –
satisfying my naked body

With Sicily in my heart,
I hunger for nothing.

Baci, a tutti!

Stella Notte

Day 48: 05-05-2011
Shoe: Bronx, So Today – Karma
Color:  Castagno
Style: Slingback Wedge Sandal with buckle
Heel: 4 ½  inches (11.5 cm), Platform: 1 ½  inches (3.8 cm)
Material: Leather Upper, Leather Lining

[1] Arancini -Sicilian fried rice ball
[2] Ba’ba’ -Sicilian cake-like dessert soaked in rum and served with cream or whipped cream and fruit
[3] Sfinci –flakey pastry with sweet or savory filling
[4] Granita –ice-cream like confection which is water based instead of milk

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