Friday, May 13, 2011

My Favorite Places, Caffé del Duomo: Kork-Ease –Shannon, Turquoise


Today, my shoes are taking us to Catania, specifically Caffé del Duomo.

Now that spring is here, you have your choice: You can eat-in at the bar or enjoy the ‘goings-on’ in the Piazza Duomo.^

Just remember, establishments which offer outdoor seating, must pay taxes on the public space they are occupying (i.e. the outdoor eating area). They pass the cost onto you when you dine outdoors and you will see the hike in price reflected on your bill!


But with views of the Duomo, the Elephant fountain and City Hall, it is hard to resist the temptation. If you are a ‘people watcher’ like me, the few extra Euros are a small price for a great glimpse into Catania life.
Elephant Fountain

City Hall

Now to the food! I just realized that all of my favorite places have to deal with food! Ahh, the taste of Sicily! They say pictures are worth a thousand words…I’ll let them speak for themselves…
Gelato or Granita are a great way to begin
or end your day!
Tipici Dolci (typical Sicilian sweets)

Tavola Calda (Sicilian fast food)

Colazione (breafast)

I know what you're thinking!


My recommendation is always something with Nutella…a cornetto is my stand-by! Being in the center of a tourist destination, the prices are a little higher that what you would find in a smaller town, but everything is made fresh every morning, you really have your pick! If you aren’t driving, try a Baba –an alcohol soaked toadstool-shaped cake, topped with cream or whipped cream (panna…which I prefer), and drizzled with miniature strawberries (I arrived at the bar fairly early and they had not finished making the Baba, so it is not pictured).
And of course, everything is always better with a Cappuccino!
Tipping is optional, but I have never had a complaint about the food or the service, and I tip any where from 10 cents to a Euro!

Note Bene: Directions to Caffé del Duomo & Elephant Square
Follow signs to Catania in the direction of il Porto (the port). Drive along the road in front of the port but do not drive through the port! Follow the road until you reach the arches (not the golden ones…they are close, but you can’t drive directly to McDonald’s!) The road splits (twice) as you approach the arches; keep left!

Once you have driven under the arches…watch out, because you are now in a round-about (traffic circle).* Slow down and stay towards the right so you exit the circle. Make the first left (like you are heading in the direction to drive under the arches (i.e. where the buses enter the bus station parking area). Look for Alfio…he has the best prices!


When you have parked your vehicle, head back towards the entrance of the bus station parking. Cross the street and head left. Once you get to the giant arch on your right, turn right **…this will lead you into the Piazza Del Duomo (Elephant Square). Standing in the Piazza (with the Duomo on your right), Caffé del Duomo is on the left (or West side of the Piazza). Buona Colazione!


Stella Notte

Day 55: 05-13-2011
Shoe: Shannon Snake on Snake
Color: Turquoise
Style: Platform Wedge Sandal
Heel: 4 ¼ inches (10.8cm)
Platform: ¾ inches (1.9cm)
Material: Leather Upper and Leather Lining

^DuomoHouse of the Lord, usually the main cathedral of a Sicilian town. The main piazza is named after the church (Piazza Duomo).
*If you don’t get out, you’ll head towards McDonald’s and the bus station parking exit it; it might be somewhat tricky to maneuver if you are not familiar with driving with the locals!
**if you reach the fish market, you have gone too far!


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  2. I came from there and you made me hungry!!!! I feel like I want an arancino of the Etoile D'Or ... Catania it's more often a good place in a bad place