Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Mile In My Shoes

Ciao a tutti!

In my first blog entry (Welcome-to-my-Arsenal) when I first admitted that I had a problem, I wrote, I really am a Shoe-aholic...I have about 300+ pairs of shoes (give or take 20...I've 50 pairs ready to donate)”.

Well, Spring Cleaning came early this year! In my first installment of A Mile in My Shoes (A Mile in my Shoes), I had every intention of writing an anecdote about my shoes and where they had taken me, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I shall be donating the following shoes, sooner rather than later. The fate of my subsequent blog: unknown

I wrote back in March that I had about 50 pairs ready to donate…I’ve already given away these four (Fanfares -Pam); do you have your counter ready???


1 (potato)

2 (potato)

3 (potato)


5 (potato)

6 (potato)

7 (potato)

Do you think you can handle any more? 8!


10...Aknle boots!

11...A Lady needs one...

In every color...12!



I'm not adding these to the count...
I recently posted these to my blog (Day 47),
but I think the time has come to donate them...

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah...15!


Got them for a bargain
but a friend loved them more...17


Never wore these...
yes, they arrived with one stone.missing..20

21...had these dyed to match a dress for a wedding...
the wedding was cancelled, and I never wore the shoes!

My first pair of Italian shoes...
I bought them in South Carolina! 22

23...what the @#$% was I thinking?!

24...There is something about black patent!

These were my wedding shoes...
until we went the sand...25

26...I actually owned these shoes in 6 other colors!

I am a Flower Child at heart...27

28...why are blue sandals so hard to find???

Sadly, I've never worn these...29

These did match a dress...several dress sizes ago...30

31...I bought these to match a dress...
when I bought the dress, I was going to diet to fit into it...
Sadly, I dieted myself right out of the dress!

32...I wore these to a birthday party
with a killer lacey dress!

I thought I loved these shoes...
but it was only a temporary lust...33

34...these were my Catania sandals (Catania Boots)

As were these...35

36...I miss Thom McAn shoe stores :(


Chandelier flip-flops??? 38

39...a torrential downpour in Venice ruined these!

40...I may keep these...

Aren't these a sexy little number? 41

42...Oh, the things I've done in these shoes...
if they could only talk!

I had no idea I looked this good in these boots
Why am I giving these away??? 43

Hey, I liked the Granny-look...
just thought it was coming back into style again...44

45...I wore the @#$% out of these shoes, eh?!

46 & 47 From the picture, these look brand-new
...may have to reconsider!

48...these were my graduation shoes!

The red pair I had like this, were the only reason
I bought these...
The red pair fit better! 49

Taking a walk on the wild side...50

Oh, the memories...51

52..I love it when Old Navy...

...has a sale...53

Donation math: 4 (fanfares) + 53 (to the Nearly New Shop) = 57 pairs donated!

Can I give away any more? Let's see!
These were nice...
until they started to fall apart...58!

Good-bye fair shoes…parting is such sweet sorrow


Stella Notte

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