Monday, March 21, 2011

Shoe Carnival Boot, Rocio -Black

Buongiorno a tutti!

Living in Sicily these last four years has been nothing less than a dream. The beautiful people, the rich culture, the delicious food, the breathtaking scenery and the damned lava stone! It’s everywhere…and I do mean everywhere! As a free source of raw materials provided by none other than Mother Nature herself (and her daughter, Mount Etna), lava is cooled and cut into giant squares, then lain to form a beautiful pattern both as roads and sidewalks. Most towns have put a layer of asphalt over the lava stone, but not Catania (Sicily’s second largest city), and after walking (or shopping) a day in the city, your feet (if you are like me and love heels) will pay for it…dearly!

These great pair of boots I picked up ago at a Shoe Carnival about five years (along with their white complement) and have since nicknamed them my Catania Boots.They are slightly higher than mid-calf with a pointy toe and styled with ruched detailing along the vamp. 

The four inch heel might appear a little daunting to some, but with a cushioned foot bed and rubber ribbed (almost sounds like a condom, eh?) out sole, it is a sure step every time…especially during rainy season when the lava stone gets wet then slick.

These are my go-to boots (with jeans or a long skirt) when I want height and comfort, but I don’t want to sacrifice style (or expensive leather) when I’m going to be in a place with a lot of activity…il mercato, vengo! (market, here I come!). 

Note Bene:  Be kind to your feet
After a day in high heels, pointy shoes or shoes you knew better than dancing in all night, but you still wore them anyway because you knew they made you look cute, give your feet some time to recover.  You only have one pair of feet to last you a lifetime.  If you ‘jack-them-up’ now, they will not look cute when sandal season come around!

Baci a tutti! 

Stella Notte.

Day 2:  3-21-2011
Shoe: Shoe Carnival Boot
Color: Black
Style: Rocio
Heel: 4 inches (10 cm)
Material: All Manmade

and the day to which I was counting down!

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  1. How cute are you? I'm enjoying reading your shoe adventures! Miss you! ~ Jill