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My Favorite Places, Serafino’s Arancini Espressi: Clarks Artisan –Hummingbird, Yellow

Buona Sera, a Tutti!

This evening, my shoes are taking us to another of my favorite places…to eat, Serafino’s Arancini Espressi.Having roamed around a good portion of Catania (for a good portion of the evening) trying to find Al Tropical gelateria (see Note Bene 2), and finally on our way home, we smelled the delicious aroma of fried food (one doesn’t realize just how much fried food can be missed until you are unable to have it)!As we passed this arancini bar (and that about sums up the size of this establishment, there is the kitchen in full view, the counter with the food, and two wooden stools under a wooden counter), a patron told us in his best English that this was the best arancini place in town.

Their original sign boasts the same.

First to go…beware of imitations… our
brand is unique and registered
The quality sets us apart ...
... taste Catania culture and tradition
New Menu

So our next trip to the gelateria was preceded with a trip to the Arancini Espressi, and we were amazed! Having only ever tried the Ragu’ flavor, which is commonly sold across the island, I stuck with what I knew. Joel, having an adventurous palette, selected the sausage and tuna-tomato combo. Curious, I tried his and it was great!

With a variety of specialties made fresh throughout the day, there is something to satisfy everyone’s taste: Ragu’ (meat sauce and cheese), butter, mushroom, spaghetti, hotdog and tomato, sausage, carbonara (eggs, prosciutto and cheese), boscaiola (mushrooms, peas, tomato), spinach and ricotta, norma, Nero di seppia (cuttlefish with black ink), octopus, ricotta, pistachio and shrimp, tuna and tomato, Pistachio. There is even something to tempt your sweet tooth –Nutella arancini!

This is one time that I do forgo the nutella. Chocolate and rice really don’t cut it for me. My personal recommendation is tuna, tomato and cheese. I don’t recommend the pistachio. If you are familiar with how pistachio arancini from Bronte taste, then do not try the pistachio arancini here, you will be disappointed.

Home Delivery Available –if you live in Catania

Pre order and information:

Phone: 095-532-352

I listed their web information, but I have not had any luck with either address. Your best bet is to call ahead and order. If you are unsure of your Italian, you can order when you arrive (or bring your dictionary and point).

Hours: 11am -2pm and 18:30-00:30 daily

Note Bene 1: Arancini (like the cipollina (sweet onion, prosciutto, tomato and cheese baked into a flakey crust)) are a Sicilian delicacy, and when you travel to the mainland, you will not find these unless the store specializes in Sicilian cuisine. And een then you may not be getting a taste of Sicily. Chefs claim to have studied in Sicily, but only true Sicilian can make these favorites taste like Mamma made them!

Note Bene 2: This was originally intended to be a two part blog-entry, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we only made it as far as the Arancini store. There is an incredible gelateria next to Arancini Espressi (Al Tropical, Via Musumci, 86). After your arancini, try a scoop of your favorite gelato on a cornetto (croissant)…they bake them in store fresh all day!

Note Bene 3: Directions to Serafino’s Arancini Espressi

If you are going for a mid-day getaway, you can park by the arches and walk up Via Etnea. Once you get to Via Umberto (you’ll be across from the Bellini Park), make a right. Walk two or three blocks. Your landmarks are a newsstand and kiosk (on the right) flanking a parking lot with a statue of a horse ‘fighting to stand’ (or fighting to do something of that effect…actually it’s quite obscene!)

If you are driving, set you GPS to the address: Via Musumeci, 90

Remember, during the week, you need a parking pass between 8am-1pm and 4pm-8pm (or thereabouts). After 8, parking is free. Look for these sidewalk parking meters.

that is unless you arrive on a Sunday (when the parking in Catania is free (look for the signs with the crossed hammers). Watch out! Parking is at a premium in Catania, and Catania Police show no mercy when writing tickets. If you think you can get away with arriving before free parking and leave your car without a parking pass, you will get ticketed. I’ve seen cars ticketed at 7:55pm! The cost of a 75 cent parking pass is not worth a 30 Euro ticket!

Day 63: Saturday May 21st, 2011
Shoe:Clark’s Artisan –Hummingbird
Colors: Yellow
Style: Platform Wedge Slide
Heel: 3 inches (7.6cm), Platform: ¾ inches (1.9cm)
Material: Leather Upper

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