Sunday, May 15, 2011

Taking it to the Wedge Week: Steve Madden –Florah

Dear Diary,

I spent another wonderful day with Steve…you remember the one, Steve Madden.He is so amazing.He has matured so much.He is no longer the cute ‘Stevie’ he used to be when we were children…and his friends don’t refer to me as that ‘Madden Girl’ anymore.Ever since we got (back) together, Steve has been wonderful…I take him everywhere with me…never a complaint, and people always compliment us on how beautiful we are together…let me tell you….

This morning started off with breakfast at the local café. It was a little chilly but wrapped in his cognac leather, I was fine…not to mention cute!

Then to my surprise Steve took me to the local market for some shopping!I picked out this t-shirt, but it really didn’t match Steve…

…then I picked out some swim trunks.But my Steve wasn’t really
dressed for the beach.

I picked out some new shades and...

I managed to pick up a cook book…I hope Steve likes Italian!

We were running out of time…

...and with one more errand to run…

And then later on, the most peculiar thing happened…I arrived home, to find a package waiting for me. And to my surprise, it wasn’t from Steve. OMG! It was from Steven! Steve Madden’s mature, sophisticated older brother! I mean I’ve flirted with him once or twice, but never seriously…I never thought…I never imagined…and in the package? Boots no less! One suede and the other leather! I think I’m in love! Oh, how am I ever going to tell Steve?!


Stella Notte

Day 58: 05-15-2011
Shoe: Steve Madden –Florah
Color: Cognac
Style: T-Strap Platform Wedge Sandal
Heel: 4.5 inches (11.4 cm), Platform: 1.25 inches (3.2 cm)
Material: Leather Upper


  1. Tell me you didn't buy new shoes did you?

  2., I won't tell you...but does it count if someone else pays for them?