Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Type Z –Penni, Camel

OMG, fellow Shoe-a-holics!  Absolutely scandalous! I need to read more!

Juliette returned to the castle exhausted and out of breath; clothes torn from having to scale the 10 foot garden trestle then untangling herself from the thorny brush which befell her on the other side of the wall. She had escaped from the lecherous street urchins which had chased her from the village square, over a half mile away, across the frigid water of the Simeto, finally to the stone wall which guarded the residence of the Duke of Motta Sant’Anastasia! She had escaped, only to find herself standing half naked before none other than the Duke, which he himself had, been in a state of arousal since he sent her on out on his futile mission.
“Did you bring me what I had asked?” The Duke’s tone was low and amorous as he spoke, then purposefully licked his lips.

“Yes…yes, Your Grace.” Juliette reached into the pocket of her dress, only to find a hole where the pocket was once sewn. “Oh, no! It’s gone! I must have…it must have fallen out when I climbed the wall, or perhaps it’s in the thicket…my dress was torn –” Juliette searched for an excuse, but none were suffice. She threw herself at his feet, sobbing and begging for mercy.
“So then you don’t have the item for which I sent you?” The Duke smiled coyly as he ran the tips of his fingers through the curls of her hair.
She looked up at him from her tear stained face and whispered, “No…no, I don’t, Your Grace.”
“Very well.” The Duke stood, and Juliette fell to the cold stone tiled floor. “Juliette.” He addressed her softly.

 “Your Grace?” She raised her head. The Duke’s outstretched hands held a black satin gift, wrapped with a pink colored bow. Juliette received the gift, then he handed her a note, written by his own hand and sealed with his emblem, before he left the room. She turned the note over to find her name scrawled in black, then she turned the letter over and broke the seal, opened the page and read…

Day 25: 04-12-2011
Shoe: Type Z –Penni
Color: Camel
Style: Platform Sandal
Heel: 5 inches (12.7 cm)
Platform: 1 ¼ inches (3.2 cm)
Material: Leather Upper, Leather Sock

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