Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashion Week Edition: Steve Madden – Bombb

Ciao Amici!

Buckles, and Laces, and Zippers! Oh, my!

You now have my permission to start dropping F-Bombs!!! 

You were the pair that changed my world, you were the boots for me
You lit the fuse, I couldn’t refuse…you were the first for me.
You turned me out baby, you dropped a bomb on me.


You turn me out, you turn me on, you turned me loose…
You were my pills, you were my thrills,
you were my hope baby, you were my smoke …you dropped a bomb on me!

Steve Madden, you set me free, you took me to the sky…I'd never been so high, you turned me out baby, you dropped a bomb on me!

We are in motion, felt like lotion, you were the pair for me...
You were the first explosion, set the wheels in motion…you were the first for me.

You turned me out, you turned me on, and then you dropped me to the ground,

I won't forget what you done to me, baby.
You dropped a bomb on me!

Baci & Abbracci! 

Stella Notte

Day 14: 04-01-2011
Shoe: Steve Madden – Bombb
Color:  Natural (Tan)
Style: Mid-Calf Boot
Heel: 4.5 inches (11.5 cm), Platform 0.75 inches (2 cm)
Material: Nubuck Suede, Lug Sole

My first pair of Steve Madden Boots were inspired by a pair of Balenciaga boots…follow the link here to find another pair that has inspired Mr. Madden.

Sueded jacket is also from Steven Madden, sold at Target. Rabbit fur purse was a gift.

My Steve Madden Collection
Disclaimer:  Pink Shoe Lady, you called me out…my Steve Madden collection has increased by four since this photo was taken…I guess 300 days was just too far away….

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