Saturday, April 9, 2011

Promiscuous –Enamored


As the Community Liaison for the organization with whom I volunteer, I have the honor of representing my non-profit in the local and population at large. With the recent fashion show (see blog entry, Fashion Week Edition: Steve Madden –Vanissa) held to raise money for our organization, one of the honored guests in attendance was the Mayor of the nearest town, Il Sindaco Dottore Angelo Giuffrida.

With so many of the clients my Society serves within his constituency, Il Sindaco has been a long time supporter of our organizational mission and is in annual attendance of the fashion show. This morning’s good will mission was that of gratitude for continued support.

Grazie, Dottore Giuffrida.


Day 22: 04-09-2011 
Shoe: Promiscuous –Enamored
Color: Ivory
Style: Not really a shootie, not really a sandal, not really a shoe…can someone help me?
Heel:  4.5 inches (11.5cm), Platform: 0.5 inches (1.5 cm)
Material: Leather Upper and Leather Sole


  1. I may not post comments, but I have to tell you I also have an addiction. My addiction is reading your blog about your shoes. I too had a bit of a shoe fetish, when I was younger......a lot younger. My Dad had said that he would not help me move next time due to the number of shoes in my UHaul. Hence my email address Pinkshoe, which came from a joke when I was in college.
    My question for you.... where do you find time for all this and if you do have extra time, would you like a 4 month old?!! :)
    Keep up the blogging, I am living vicariously through you and this comes from a girl who use to waitress in 4 inch heels because I liked the way they felt.
    -Anne Brewer

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  3. ooppss I commented from my son's google account.

  4. Pinkshoe Lady, you are awesome!

    I love your story...also your wedding boots!!!

    Not having many shoes as a child, I was thankful to be blessed with big feet (for my age) meant I could wear my sister's and my mother's shoes!

    Moving out of my college dorm was a nightmare... I didn't get a UHaul...I had a '81 Plymouth Champ hatchback!

    Time yes, extra time no...the selection of shoes is quite varied, and I love to write, so it doesn't take as long as you might think and yes, I'll take your 4 month old...only if he's sleeping through the night..and potty trained!

    Thanx for reading...I love the feedback!

    P.S. A waitress in 4 inch heels? Now that is what I call Absolutely Freakin' Fabulous!!!!