Thursday, April 28, 2011

Il Mercato Edition, Misterbianco: Tribeca, A Kenneth Cole Production –Mix Master

Ciao, a tutti!

I love the market (mercato –mare-cat-oh)! It is unlike anything you have ever experienced in Canada or the United States…it is not a flea market! It is an amalgamation of mom and pop-type businesses (often spanning several generations), centrally located, occurring one or more times a week.

Popular throughout European nations, il mercato is the predecessor to the modern commercial centers (malls); from clothing and electronics, to groceries and antiques, it is an inexpensive alternative to buying everything you could possibly need. Today, my shoes are heading to Misterbianco.

First stop at the market, nail polish. At 1€ a piece, you can’t go wrong…my only dilemma now is what color to buy?

You already know I love shoes… and bags!  Platform peep-toe wedges?Oversized handbags?I’m beginning to see a theme here!

Next stop, produce. I think I’ll get a little something to match my shoes…these eggplants should do nicely!

I always had ambitions of making my own clothes, unfortunately the talent did not follow, but I know good fabric when I see it…especially at a good price! So if I have to fight for it, I shall!

Lastly, three things every girl needs:

First, accessories!  

 Second, deodorant!

And third, a bra! But not necessarily in that order!



Seven days a week, I can find a market to shop!  Lovely! 

Baci a tutti!

Stella Notte

Day 40: 04-28-2011
Shoe:  Tribeca, A Kenneth Cole Production –Mix Master
Color: Eggplant
Style: Open-Toe Platform Wedge with Ankle Strap
Heel: 4.5 inches (11 cm), Platform: 1.5 inches (3.5 cm)
Material: Leather Upper


  1. I HAVE to post here. You are crazy. I've been to these markets a thousand times and I don't quite remember them being so fun!!

  2. My Pink Shoe friend, you have been going to the markets with the wrong people!!! We need to go to Catania...let me know when you are ready to go!

  3. Love this post...and the comments that followed! I agree..the market has NEVER seemed so much fun!!! Take me...take me!!