Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cruise Diary Special Edition: Steve Madden –Troopa


Prince (of Shoes) meets Principality, as Madden goes to Monaco…and what a day it was! A bus ride away from our Port-of-Call in Savona (Italy), we crossed into France (briefly), before entering the Principality of Monaco…first stop Monaco Ville, the oldest part of the city-state.

Disguised as a Franciscan Monk, Francois Gimaldi captured the Rock of Monaco (where the palace is located) in 1297. The Grimaldi family still rules today, and their coat of arms displays two monks armed with swords.

We stayed for a quick bite, shopping (see my City of Monaco purse?)

and the noon changing of the guard ceremony.

A quick stop at the Exotic Gardens
Invitation, 1982
Ettore e Andromaca, 1986
Maryse au Mirror ou
le Temps Inalterable

then we were off to Monte-Carlo.

Where we saw the 'Casino'...
Monte Carlo Casino
And the 'Hotel'...
The Paris Hotel...See the tennis balls?
And the 'Café '...
Appetizers start at 40 Euros

Since writing my blog: Cruise Diary Special Edition: Sketchers –Step Up, Gray, Day 32, I have decided that I need to move to Monte Carlo instead of Palma...apparently everyone drives an expensive must come with the villa...

And my personal favorite, this Porshe...can you read the owner's nickname?
'Little Bastard'

I now know why they call this the play ground of the rich and famous…I've already picked out my Yacht for my return visit!

Note Bene: The winner of the 2011 Men’s Monte-Carlo Masters Tennis Tournament was Rafael Nadal, who was born in Manacor Majorca, Spain, which we had visited a few days earlier.

Baci a tutti!

Stella Notte

P.S. Here is the close up of my boots!
Day 35: 04-23-2011
Shoe: Steve Madden –Troopa
Color: Black
Style: Ankle/Mid-Calf Boot
Heel: 1 inch (2.5 cm)
Material: Leather Upper

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  1. I LOVE how you have made your blog not only about shoes but about traveling and the experiences in life that you go through IN your shoes!! Just Love it!!! And love the shoes too!! Man how i wished we wore the same size!!!!