Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Moda Spana –Golly


Ever had a day where you just felt like blah? I woke up today feeling just like that. About 6:35 this morning, I felt like getting back into bed, calling it a day and trying it all again tomorrow! I needed a problem-free day!


Problem: I wanted to wear a dress, but didn’t feel like shaving my legs.
Solution:  Full length t-shirt dress. þ

Problem:  I didn’t feel like combing my hair.
Solution:  Trendy hat.[1]  þ

Problem:  Temperature when leaving the house: 52 (11) degrees.  Temperature high today: 67 (19) degrees. (Where did all the hot weather go?)
Solution:  Leather Moto Jacket I thrifted[2] on vacay.[3] (€20) þ

Problem: The few extra pounds I gained on my cruise (gotta hide my pot belly)
Solution:  Low slung trendy belt.[4] þ

Problem: I felt like wearing sandals, but didn’t want to deal with the “Aren’t you cold?” (I’m Canadian, 67 degrees is summer!)[5]
Solution:  Sandals disguised as shoes with oxford-type lacing þ

Problem:  A purse to go with my shoes (while I don’t really do the ‘matchy’ thing, yes, I do like to match).
Solution:  Oversized trendy purse.[6] þ

I love problem free days…how about you?


Stella Notte

Day 38: 04-26-2011
Shoe: Moda Spana –Golly
Color: Cognac Buff Leather
Style: Wedge Sandal
Heel: 4 inches (10 cm), Platform: ¾ inches (2 cm)
Material: Leather Upper

[1] One needs to have a pretty extensive hat collection to pull this off!
[2] Thrifted –previously owned and gently used.
[3] Vacay –Vacation.
[4] See footnote [1] and replace hat with belt
[5] Some summer days are only 67 degrees Fahrenheit, not all!
[6] See footnote [1] and replace hat with purse or footnote  [4] and replace belt, which replaced hat, with purse!  Remember, problem free doesn't always mean uncomplicated!

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