Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pleaser –Romance 04/Caress 401F

She turned the note over to find her name scrawled in black, then she turned the letter over and broke the seal, opened the page and read…

“Meet me in your chamber, wearing only these.” Juliette made haste to unwrap the gift the Duke had so delicately handed her. The black satin encasing revealed a delicate pair of slippers; the heel of fine Venetian glass, the vamp of hand-woven silk from the Orient, decorated with the softest feathers of exotic birds from the Duke’s hunting expeditions in Africa.
Juliette motioned to put them on, then hesitated…what if something were to happen to them before she had fulfilled the Duke’s request? She wrapped them up in the black satin and ran immediately to her chamber.
*          *          *

As Juliette stood at her window watching the last rays of sunlight stretch across the summer’s evening sky, a cold wave of air brushed across her bare shoulders.  She paced the room nervously, then stood in front of the fireplace, watching the embers become flames and waiting; rather impatiently, completely naked except for the glass and silken slippers the Duke had given her.
The door slammed closed behind her sending shivers down her spine.  She was paralyzed.
“You’ve been a naughty girl, Juliette.”  His soft damp lips kissed her shoulder.
“I was chased from the moment I left the church, and I –” Her rapid retort was interrupted.
“I never gave you permission to speak to me so informally.”  The Duke’s words were firm, but his tone gentle.
“My apologies, Your Grace.” 
“You may continue.” He lifted the curls which cascaded down her back, revealing the nape, and caressed her neck with his kisses.
Juliette found it hard to concentrate; the Duke’s touch was transforming her every fantasy of him into a reality...

Day 27: 04-14-2011
Shoe: Pleaser –Romance
Color: Black
Style: Slide Mule with Faux Fur
Heel: 4 inches (10.2 cm)
Material: Satin

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