Monday, April 9, 2012

MIA -Zeus, Natural

Ciao a tutti e buona Pasquetta!

Easter was one of my favorite times in Italy; certain sounds and flavors distinct from any other time of the year always came around during Lent, which was always kicked off in great style and fashion with the Carnivale celebration in Aci Reale and Misterbianco.

I don't know...maybe it's the shoes that are making me feel a bit like Roman Goddess today...

or maybe it's the dress?

No, I'm pretty sure that it's the shoes!

In any event, I hope you have a pair of shoes in your 'Arsenal'...

that make you feel just as regal!

Baci & Abbracci!

Stella Notte

Day 152: Monday April 9th 2012
Designer: MIA
Name: Zeus
Color: Natural
Style: Flat Gladiator Sandal
Material: Leather Upper

Beautiful in any color; click here to see these beauties in Pewter!

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