Friday, April 20, 2012

Mad About Madden Week: Steve Madden -Segment, Brown

Ciao a tutti!

Look fellow Shoe-A-Holics...I'm naked!  Well, not exactly...I'm in the nude is more like it...nude-peep-toe pumps!  Now I can finally check off number one on Glamour's 10 Shoes Every Women Should Own.   According to the article by Megan Gustashaw, "Peep-toe-pumps that match your skin tone," are a must have shoe because they, "... are the ultimate leg-lengtheners and a chic showcase for a fresh-from-the-spa pedicure."  Not to mention, "...they go with almost everything under the sun."

Gustashaw opines that while it is tempting to stockpile one's shoe closet with "feathery, sparkly, sky-high heels," it isn't always, "the most practical strategy."  Collecting her top 10 must haves claims to save you, "from what-to-wear moments," and painful blisters to boot!

Here's my count of what is on her checklist:

þ     Nude Peep-Toe Pumps
þ     Black City Boots
þ     Ballet Flats
þ     Wooden Platform Sandals
þ     Canvas Sneakers
þ     Black Pumps
þ     Metallic Sandals
þ     Suede Booties
þ     Flat Leather Sandals
Gorgeous Work-of-Art Shoes That Make You Happy would appear I am missing a pair of shoes in my Arsenal...I guess it's time to go shopping!

How many on this list do you own?

Baci a tutti!

Stella Notte

Day 161: Friday April 20th 2012
Designer: Steve Madden
Name: Segment
Style: Peep-Toe Wedge
Heel: 4 inches (10.6 cm), Platform: 0.75 inches (1.91 cm)
Material: Leather Upper and leather lining with stacked wedge heel and peep-toe

Do you remember where I was planning to go when I wore these beauties in black?
Click here to see!

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