Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mid-Week Matinee, Mad About Madden Week: Steve Madden -Lenor, Olive

Buongiorno Amici!

This week we shall break from our regular mid-day diversion...but don't despair, good things come to those who wait!  So hold on for one more week, and until then, I leave you, my fellow Shoe-A-Holics, with some culture.

Once upon an afternoon sunny, while I browsed with purse full of money,
Over many a quaint pair of shoes in the department store;
Then I saw it while I was shopping, suddenly my jaw was dropping
As if all time was stopping; snatching me from melancholy and bore
‘I’m in love,’ I muttered, ‘I’m in love like never before –
Only this and nothing more.’
Ah, distinctly I remember, it was October or perhaps September,
My eyes opened wide as my feet were firmly planted on the floor,
Eagerly I searched for my size, this pair of shoes would be my prize
An addition to my Arsenal; 300 pairs and counting but just one more –
In vain I searched the stock on the department floor
For the olive beauties named, Lenor.

All at once my soul grew stronger, hesitating then no longer
‘Sir,’ said I ‘or Ma’am, truly your expertise I implore;
But the fact is I am seeking, perhaps in the storeroom as I was peeking
This lovely shoe here, a size 10 please, and nothing more.’
‘Of that size,’ quoth the sales clerk, ‘there is no more!
‘We just sold the last pair of Lenor!’

 I couldn’t tell if it was whether the stitch-detail or the leather,
Thrilling me -filling me with fantastic feelings never felt before;
So that now to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating,
‘Search again, because I’m not walking out the door!
I’m not leaving until I get what I came for –
My Steve Madden shoes named, Lenor!’

 Security changed all that;

Back to my house returning all my soul within me churning,
My thoughts all consuming with those Steve Madden shoes, Lenor;
‘Surely,’ said I, ‘surely there must be another pair…somewhere out there.’
Then I turned on my computer, and I sat and waited for
My dial up modem to connect in order for me to explore
The internet, for Lenor.

Frantically, I started typing, then my eyes, I started wiping,
Wiping tears of joy away; I had found what I was looking for;
Then at once I was scrolling, clicking, and receiving my free shipping
Now only I have to wait for my shoes by the front door;
I’ve learned my lesson: think twice of shopping at the department store;
Quoth my sanity, ‘Nevermore!’*

*Inspired by The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe


Stella Notte

Day 159:  Wednesday April 18th 2012
Designer: Steve Madden
Name: Lenor
Color: Olive
Style: Boat Shoe Wedge Pump
Heel: 4 inches (10.16 cm)
Material: Leather Upper with stitch and web lace detailing. Lug sole.

Dress: Route 66, Jacket: Old Navy, Belt: Old Navy

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