Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mid-Week Matinee, I Got a Wedgie! Two Lips -Capri

Buongiorno Shoe-A-Holics!

Two days from the last weekend and still another two to go after today...hump day seems more like a hurdle, but here is a Mid-Week-Matinee to give you a little 'pick-me-up' and get you through the day!

The following story is not for the faint of heart and is NOT intended for those under the age of 18!  Consider yourself forewarned!

Off and On

“Stop!”  Fabio interjected upon seeing her intentions.

Francesca stopped unzipping the zipper that ran the entire length of the boot.  “I was just getting undressed…”  Somewhat confused, she halted the action and stood.  “I thought we were about to…you don’t want to?”

A smile stretched across Fabio’s lips, “I do.” 

Francesca absent mindedly continued unzipping the boot then began with the other, letting each slouch revealing her long slender legs.

“Stop!”  Fabio’s tone was stern.  Francesca was doing the opposite of what we wanted; creating a chain reaction which began with his thoughts then went south –Fabio’s agitation caused his erection to feel a little less hard.

“We can’t have sex until I take off the boots!”  She insisted.

He licked his lips thinking of the delicious possibility standing before him and spoke; his words were slow and deliberate, as his tongue was sure to be within the next quarter hour, “Panties off… boots on!”

Fabio became hard again as he watched her reaction:  Her mind swirling with the likely scenarios of his words, Francesca’s knees buckled when she realized exactly what his words meant for him and for her; feet frozen in place, she braced herself against the bed post.  “ on?”  She questioned, feeling wetness escape her.

“And panties off!”  He finished her thought.

Francesca clamored to re-zip the boots; first the right then trouble.  The zipper was stuck half way up the left boot,  and she tugged on either side but to no avail.  Embarrassed, she turned slightly, facing away from Fabio and continued to struggle with zipper.  Needing more leverage, she bent over at the waist, allowing just enough of her mini skirt to creep up, and her thong panty to creep in –Fabio was entirely tantalized –seeing the sliver of fabric and knowing that was all that separated him from dessert.

Francesca completely engrossed with getting those damned boots on, that she didn’t notice Fabio had moved –first behind her, then bending over her; he whispered into her ear, “Let me help you with that.”  His soft lips grazed her earlobe and sent a chill to her breasts causing them to stiffen, then straight to her clitoris –another drip escaped.

Fabio’s arms reached down and around, and he managed to pull the zipper all the way up to her thighs.  Unable to resist the temptation, his hand stroked the two centimeter width of flesh which had caught his eye upon first seeing his girlfriend in this thigh-high-mini-skirt-ensemble.

Still behind her, he knelt and slowly moved his hands up from the hem of her skirt –the calluses on his palms brushed her inner thighs arousing her.  Fabio’s fingers slipped under the waist of her thong and pulled down. The thin sheer fabric peeled itself from her cheeks and bid adieu to her chat* and made their way over the boot cuffs, across the zippers all the way down the length of the boots, with only Fabio’s hands to guide it.

Francesca stepped out of the panties and stood, then looked over her shoulder at Fabio.  Looking up at her he instructed her in a low sweet voice, “Hold onto the bedpost.”  Francesca complied.  Fabio placed his hand behind her right knee, bent the leg slightly before rotating it towards him and over his left shoulder.  Feeling herself sway, Francesca placed a hand on his opposite shoulder for support.

“Why don’t you sit.”  Fabio suggested, and Francesca did as he said, at the edge of the bed.  Fabio wasted no time repositioning himself squarely between her legs then placed the bend of her other knee over his other shoulder.  In this new position, Francesca found it hard to sit, and so she reclined; her lips spread before Fabio like a freshly bloomed flower.  Fabio licked his lips again and lowered his head, smelling, touching then tasting the delicate petals that were Francesca.

* cat

Baci & Abbracci!

Stella Notte

Day 148: Wednesday April 4th  2012
Designer: Two Lips
Name: Capri
Color: Natural
Style: Gladiator Espadrille Sandal
Heel: 4.5 inches (11.43 cm); Platform: 1 inch (2.54 cm)
Material: Mixed Synthetic Uppers in a strappy detail

Dress by LnA

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