Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Old Navy -Basic Pump, Black

Ciao a tutti!
I bought these shoes while still living overseas, and after seeing how cute they looked on a friend. She highly recommended these beauties to me, so I went ahead an ordered a pair, but have been a little disappointed after having received them.  My fellow Shoe-A-Holics, this morning, I have a little shoe advice to dispense.

BE WARY OF COMPANIES THAT SELL SHOES BUT DO NOT MANUFACTURE THEM: I vowed that after buying these (actually these shoes are part of a string of shoes I bought from Old Navy where the size and fit were both off), I vowed that I would never buy shoes from Old Navy again (with the caveat that canvas sandals my be reconsidered at a future date). Old Navy's main focus in the nearly 20 years they have been in business has been clothes. They are not a shoe manufacturer, and this is evident in their footwear, at least in these shoes. I bought them because they were leather, inexpensive and were to be a staple piece of footwear.  Since then, I have come to find leather does not equate to good quality, and when you buy and inexpensive shoe often you get what you pay for...something cheap!

Baci a tutti!

Stella Notte

Day 307:  Tuesday January 29th 2013
Designer: Old Navy
Color: Black
Style: Basic Pump
Heel: 3 inches (7.62 cm)
Material: Leather Upper

How I Styled It?
rI have always loved a plaid skirt because the matching possibilites and color combinations seem almost endless.  This morning I paired this black turtleneck from Say What? with a juniors skirt I found at Walmart about 7 years ago. I could have easily have gone with a grey top, and used black or grey tights with either choice.  But what may be a little difficult to tell from the picture is the blue stripes in the plaid print.  These tights were my first pick, adding a bold infusion of color to the neutral grey and black ensemble.  I'm thinking should I revisit this skirt and blous combo, I'll do black top and tights or grey top and tights and cobalt blue shoes!  SN

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