Friday, June 10, 2011

My Trapani Getaway: MIA –Joplin, White

Ciao, a tutti!

If you could use three words describe how you started off your day this morning, what three words would you choose?  Let me tell you how I started off my day today: Liquor, Coffee, Beach…and in that order!  Well, not exactly…let me explain. 

Staying in Trapani on an Italian holiday weekend, we found only one place available –a Temporary Lodging Apartment (TLA) vice our usual hotel…with 'breakfast included'. Eating at Nuccio's these 

last four years, we have a fair amount of expertise on eating at the (coffee) bar for breakfast…the only problem was to find a bar (a good bar) to eat. Some years ago, an Italian friend of mine told me that if you want the best caffé (espresso) in Italy, look no further than Illy Caffé.  And if price is any indication, you are looking to pay top dollar! Wandering around Trapani in the morning, the bright red Illy sign (which hung above the Café del Corso) was beckoning to us…so we heeded its call, and we were not disappointed. 

I had a Baba (a rum soaked yeast risen cake). I chose the whipped cream topped confection (instead of the white cream pudding type), then to wash it down a Crema Caffé (sometimes written Caffé Creama) –an espresso infused whipped cream drink…the Italians really know how to eat…where else could I get liquor and coffee in the morning and not a soul bat an eyelash?

Baba (left) and crema caffe (right)

We sat at the counter adjacent to where we ordered, and noticed the most curious thing…a window with a waiter retrieving items from the bar. On the other side of the window was the tearoom…from which emanated the most mouthwatering scents. After breakfast we took a glance into the tearoom, which revealed the most charming setting…while ‘breakfast included’ can give you a hassle free place to eat (sometimes), these quaint, unexpected, out-of-the-ordinary and occasionally out-of-the-way places can give you an unforgettable experience.

Cafe Corso

Next stop, the beach. You can’t get bikini-body-ready (and stay that way) without putting the time into it. I only own one pair of exercise shoes, and don’t make a habit of carrying them on vacation (they take up too much room in my shoes suitcase), but I do love to walk, and along the lungomare –seafront promenade, was a great place to go.

Liquor, Coffee and the Beach…not a bad way to start the day!


Stella Notte

Day 82: 06-10-2011
Shoe: Mia –Joplin
Color: White
Style: Platform Wedge T-Strap Sandal
Heel: 4 ¼ inches (10.8cm), Platform: 1 inch (2.5cm)
Material: Leather Upper

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