Monday, June 6, 2011

My Trapani Getaway and My Favorite Places: Onda Blu, Two Lips –Rainbow, Purple


Today my shoes are bringing us to my favorite summertime oasis – Maréttimo, to have a favorite dish of mine…andiamo!

The second largest of the Aegadian Islands, the ancient name of the island was "Hiera Nesos", which means "Sacred Island" in Greek. The name Maréttimo comes from the words Mare (Sea) and Timo (Thyme) due to the profusion of thyme on the island.*
Me on the ferry!
This morning started off with a ferry ride to Maréttimo. After switching boats in Favignana, we arrived on the island shortly before 11:00, just in time for lunch at the Onda Blu. 

With menu suggestions on the doors… 

And so many choices on the menu…

I went to my favorite three years running; my suggestion, especially after a day of swimming: Insalatona –a tuna salad, but not the tuna salad to which you are accustomed!   Feast your eyes on this fresh feast…

Served with Balsamic vinegar and olive oil, I opt for the salad exactly the way it is made…perfetto!  My suggestion for dessert is a caffé crema –an espresso infused whipped cream drink.  When you arrive at Onda Blu, look for Rosaria…she will turn your meal into an experience! 

Rosaria and me

Note Bene 1: Directions to Onda Blu

After leaving the port, head for Piazza Umberto 1  in the centre town.  If you get ‘lost’ (for which the town is really too small to become truly ‘lost’), head for the clock tower.  Coming from the port, Onda Blu is on the left.  The sign is posted on the door, so look for the restaurant with the blue wooden deck!

Note Bene 2:
Today’s adventure actually started yesterday evening when we made it to Trapani.  After gassing up, we made a quick stop at the ticket booth (biglietteria pronounced: bee-leeyet-tare-ree-ah) to prepay for our ferry tickets.  You can buy tickets on the pier at the little kiosks or across the street at the main offices.  For two adults one way we paid 32,60 € plus 3 € to pre-purchase them.  Why would we prepay?  Tourist season has arrived in Sicily, and while 70-80 degree weather may not be hot here, it is definitely hot for northern Europeans.  I’m glad we did pay ahead because two tour buses arrived shortly before the ferry was to depart (with their prepaid tickets) and several locals didn’t make it onto the boat!

A Little Known Fact:
Three years ago, someone suggested we visit Favignana (pronounced: Fah-veen-nyah-nah). After telling my Italian teacher, Marisa di Costa, my plans for the weekend, she asked me why I was heading there… “To swim.” I replied. She then asked, “Do you like to swim with Jellyfish? To which I answered, “No!” Marisa said that if you like to swim, you can take a boat to the grottoes and swim in the crystal clear waters…without jellyfish! And we have been back every year.

Maréttimo, I miss you already!


Stella Notte

Day 79: 06-06-2011
Shoe:  Two Lips –Rainbow
Color:  Purple
Style: Platform Wedge Sandal with ankle strap
Heel:  5 inches (12.7cm)
Platform: 1 inch (2.5cm)
Material: Leather Upper


A Bit About the Shoes…
A DSW special for less than $20, I bought them last summer along with their Tan complement. Extremely comfortable, I worked these 5-inch wedges from the time we left the hotel…take a look!

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