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My Trapani Getaway and My Favorite Places: Ristorante Hotel Moderno (Buon Ricordo), Mossimo –Presta


Today my shoes are taking us somewhere great to eat…up, up, up and away we go!

Located on top of Mount Erice, about 750m above sea level overlooking the city of Trapani, Erice (ancient name Eryx) and its foundation was associated with the eponymous¥ Greek hero Eryx. It was not a Greek colony, but was largely Hellenized. It was destroyed in the First Punic War by the Carthaginians, and from then on declined in importance.

A quick drive to the city center brought us to the base of Mount Erice, and the funivia (pronounced foo-nee-vee-ah, or cable car station).

Literally translated as Good Memories, Buon Ricordo Restaurants are what I refer to as the Italian version of Hard Rock Café. Restaurants throughout Sicily, Italy, Europe and Asia belong to this association of restaurants which prepare a local dish which is typical of the area.



When you order the specialty dish (which is designated on the menu with a B.R or Buon Ricordo), you receive a commemorative hand painted ceramic plate decorated with a design symbolic of your meal. Every year, in every restaurant, the plates change, inviting you to make the annual pilgrimage so that you may add to your collection.

At Ristorante Hotel Moderno, the Buon Ricordo dish was Stone Bass escalope in orange-lemon sauce and cost € 18. 

Note Bene 1: Directions to Ristorante Hotel Moderno
Once you exit the cable car station in Erice, make the right and follow the road toward the arch (on your left).  Go through the arch, and you are now on Via Vittorio Emanuale (which is the main road). 

Follow the road up.  It is a bit of a climb, so wear shoes which have rubber soles.  The road is extremely slippery!

When you get to the fork in the road, veer left.  Ristorante Hotel Moderno is on your right.

Note Bene 2:
Follow directions to the funivia.  The parking lot in front of the cable car station is under repair. 
We parked on the road between the station and the parking lot.  Last year, we parked in the same place (because the parking lot was full).  An old man directed us to the spot, and we paid him a few Euro.  This not uncommon to find in Sicily; I don’t mind paying them, because I haven’t had a problem with my giant American van in the four years we’ve been here.  And if the alternative is someone being angry in the vicinity of my car, while I am out and about, a couple of Euros is certainly a small price to pay for piece of mind! 

Note Bene 3:
It is possible to drive to Erice, but I have never driven so I cannot lend any insight into the experience!  But the Cable Car is a fun way to start of your sightseeing in the morning or to reach your dinner destination in the evening.  For €6,50 return, splurge!  Don’t forget to check the running times of the cable car, they do not run 24 hours!

Fun Facts:
Check out this info on the Cable Car:
Technical Data

Valley Station Elevation: 40 meters (m)

Mountain Station Elevation: 703m

Slant Height: 3099m

Drop: 663m

Travel Time: 10 minutes 40 seconds

Operating speed: 5 m/s

Hourly capacity: 1000 people per hour


A Word About the Shoes...
I bought these beauties at Target.  Target really does have some fashionable shoes at a great price (Follow this link to see what other beauties I bought at Target: Mossimo Verdie).  What I love about Mossimo shoes is that they are very consistant in their sizing.  It's been some time since I've been in a Target store, but I know when I order a pair of Mossimo's, they are always the perfect fit!

Buon Appetito!

Stella Notte

Day 81: 06-09-2011
Shoe: Mossimo –Presta
Color:  Black
Style: Platform Wedge Sandal with ankle ties
Heel:  5 inches (12.7cm) Platform: 1 ¼ inch (3.2cm)
Material: Fabric Upper

Find a Buon Ricordo Restaurant here:
Buon Ricordo Web Page

¥ e·pon·y·mous - (of a person) being the person after whom a literary work, film, etc., is named (just in case you didn't know :)

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