Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Trapani Getaway: Steve Madden –Daynty, Cognac


My Maréttimo adventure started off with every intention to ride the donkeys. We called Nino (347-287-0448), but the only time he had available for us to ride was 3:30pm…not to good considering our ferry was scheduled to leave at 3:45pm.

So we decided to go for a hike. The highest point on Maréttimo is Monte Falcone with a height of 2,287 ft (686 m), so that was out of the question.

Next we tried to make it to the castle, but when the trail ran out and the wild donkeys scattered the country side, literally and figuratively, we decided on the Roman Houses (Case Romane).

The castle is perched on the peninsula to the right in the distance

The donkeys!
Quick Italian Lesson:

The word donkey in Italian is asino (pronounced: ass-ee-noh) not burro, like in Spanish. Be forewarned that burro in Italian is butter, and you might be a little embarrassed if you ask to ride some butter…I am speaking from experience!


The island was an important observation point during Roman times, hence the Case Romane were constructed where it was easy to observe passing maritime traffic. The sea routes between Italy and North Africa and Italy and Spain (via Sardinia) would pass Maréttimo. There is a well restored Byzantine-Norman Church adjacent to the Case Romane.

Byzantine-Norman Church
Me in the church!

Note Bene: 1
I forgot to tell you yesterday that you should buy your return ticket (unless you're spending the night on Maréttimo) at the same time you purchase your ticket to the island. Why? The ticket office is hard to locate, the hours are not regular and more often than not, there is a long line waiting when you do find the ticket office. Two years ago, we met a couple who were part of a tour group. Their group left them, and the tickets back to Sicily were sold out for the next two ferries leaving the island. Maréttimo is the furthest of the Aegadian islands and has ferries leaving less frequently than the other two. Their 3:00pm departure turned into a 7:00pm departure!

Note Bene: 2
There are several impressive grottos around the island's coast and innumerable spots for excellent swimming in pristine waters on the western coast accessible only by boat. When you get to the port of Maréttimo, there are several boat operators that are more than willing to take you out on their boat…but it will cost you!

Look at some of the other vistas from our hike...

Shopping Tip:  Surf the Web!
These Steve Madden Daynty's retail for $89.00...I went for the unusual colors of blue and green first because these colors where hard to come by, but the black and cognac which were more common (that is, these two colors where sold in more places), I waited on...they were on sale at Macys.com for $35...I eventually found them at Belk.com for $17.99 a piece!


Stella Notte
Day 80: 06-07-2011
Shoe: Steve Madden –Daynty  
Color:  Cognac
Style: Platform Peep-Toe Clog
Heel:  5 inches (12.5 cm), Platform 1 ½ inches (3.8 cm)
Material: Leather Upper

* Facts on Maréttimo are from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marettimo


P.S. No, I didn't actually climb the mountain in these shoes...but I did carry them with me on the hike, and I wore them from the port to the boat and on the walk from the port in Trapani back to the hotel!
Baci di nuovo! S.N.

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