Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Festival Special, Tybee Island Pirate Fest: Privo by Clark's -Kiva, Grey

Ciao amici!

Ever since the Tall Ship Festival in May and my brief encounter with the rum-running, booty-hauling buccaneers of the high seas (pirates), I have been looking forward to the annual event on Tybee Island which draws seafaring mariners from across the country, all in celebration of the islands own pirate history.

As one of the larger barrier islands off Georgia's coast, Tybee Island's pirate roots reach back to the early 16th Century when Pirates would navigate the state's interminable waterways for sources of fresh water and would frequent the island, utilizing the lush vegetation to hide from those who pursued them. 

A little known fact, pirates played an integral role in aiding the English during the early 1700's in their efforts to capture the land from the Spanish and colonize Georgia.*

For the eighth year running, lovers of all things pirate have converged on this island town for food, fun and festivities.  With activities to delight the young and old alike, Pirate Fest 2012 had something to offer the entire family!

Kicking off with a Buccaneer Ball, there were events to amaze and thrill pirates of all ages; the three day event (for which we attended two) had us captivated from the moment we arrived.

Our first stop was the Faire Wynds Circus! Now to be honest with you, I had long given up on the 'magic' which magicians profess to bring during a performance. But after witnessing this amazing spectacle from a true master of prestidigitation, I am a believer again!  Circus Master Eric Scites and his lovely assistant/wife, Penelope/Susan (you must see the show to understand the comedic value in her name), delivered entertainment that was not just a show for the children, but for the entire family alike. Regaled with fire eating, slight-of-hand, and awe-inspiring magic tricks, the Faire Wynds Circus brought history alive through stories, poetry recitation and of course, humour.  My only regret was that we were unable to catch subsequent shows!

Here are some shots from the show!

Yes, his tongue is on fire!

And what would a festival of pirates be without pirates? And boy, were there pirates!  
Consider yourself warned!

There was a King and Queen Pirate...
Captain Mike and his wife Iris of Captain Mike's Dolphin Tours

Pirates both old... and young

There were Pirates of all shapes and sizes: singing pirates,

dancing Pirates, and Pirates in bikinis!   

There were Pirates on bicycles,  
 Pirates for a cure...
and some even a little tipsy!
 Zombie Pirates...  
Pirates with candy and even a cameo from Captain Jack! 

And what would Pirate Fest be without a swashbuckling sword fight?
And we mustn't forget the Pirate Ships!

And my favorite place? The Thieves Market, where I could shop! Check out some of these goodies that vendors had for sale!

Hemp sandals!

Always the Shoe-A-Holic, you know I had to stop when I saw Pirate Becca and her lovely shoes!  Local artisan, Becca Cook handcrafted her outfit (and yes, the hat as well!).  Check out her artistic creations on Zazzle and Etsy, key word beccasboudoir!  You can view the links in green or red to some of the Pirate Fest participants I have highlighted!
Baci a tutti!
Stella Notte
Tuesday October 9th 2012
Designer: Privo by Clark's
Name: Kiva
Color: Grey
Style: T-Strap Flat
Heel: 0.75 inches (2 cm)
Material: Nubuck Suede Upper with T-Strap vamp and studs

Just a note:  If you are wondering if or where you have seen these Kivo beauties before, I wore them last on Day 16 (here).  Due to the lack or foresight on my part, I am left with an abundance of dressy sandals which didn't exactly fit the bill with respect to the event which I attended. I have made every effort to wear all colors of a particular style of shoe before duplicating a shoe, with the exception of these grey Kivo's and their purple counterparts.  I needed something flat and comfortable as I was unsure of whether I was going to be on the sandy beach or not.  Forgive me, I shall wear the purple pair soon...I would have today, but it didn't quite fit with my denim tunic or white shorts.  SN


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