Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nine West -Emmo, Medium Orange

Ciao a tutti!

Some thoughts about shoes and life...

Shoes take one on such an amazing journey through life; days marked by strolls along the beach or running carefree through the grass and nights which culminate in dancing until the wee hours of the morning…usually until your feet hurt.  Life taking the moments from each step and converting them into memories that we shall cherish for a lifetime.

But there are steps…missteps we’d like to forget.  Those rare occasions when our pretty pumps or new shoes veer us from our intended destination, and instead we are left wandering, even meandering through our journey; had we paid attention to the signs: a broken heel, a blister on our foot or the untied lacers which caused a trip and subsequent fall –each diverting us from that fateful course yet still we ignore the obvious and chose to venture down a path not meant for our feet to tread. 

It is at these times we ask ourselves, ‘How on Earth did I get here?’; knowing full well the course and consequence of our actions, but being too close to the situation to see the bigger picture until we have reached that point where we are down trodden and still unable to stand or stand up for ourselves in those broken heels, unable to walk or walk away because of that painful blister and unable reach the lacers or reach out to tie lacers because that fall left us hurt.

It is at these moments, which are hopefully few and far between, that we see who we really are and are faced with the decision to keep on those shoes that we are wearing and continue down the spiraling destructive path which will inevitably lead to our own demise (whether it be theoretical or actual), or instead put on another pair of shoes (perhaps not as flashy or as new, and maybe even not our own) and pull ourselves up by the proverbial boots straps, change direction, set a new course and get back on the path we were intended to walk down…

Day 207: Tuesday June 19th 2012
Designer: Nine West
Name: Emmo
Color: Medium Orange
Style: T-Strap Platform Wedge Sandal
Heel 3.75 inches (9.53 cm), Platform: 1 inch (2.54 cm)
Material: Calfskin upper with interwoven strappy design

Beautiful in any color;

Here are some more pix from today's photo shoot...enjoy!

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