Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday's Must Have Shoes: Two Lips -Rainbow, Tan

Ciao a tutti!

Another of my recommendations for Must Have Shoes for the summer all you Shoe-A-Holics out there, is a a 'Wow 'Em' Wedge! Now without a doubt, wedges are my favorite style of shoe (I think my Arsenal can comfortably boast 90 pairs...and counting); wedges take the guess work out of learning who to walk properly in heels. Combined with a platform, they actually lower the incline of the heel, thus giving you height without the fear and trepidation of their spindly counterparts the stiletto!

Why a 'Wow 'Em' Wedge? Simple answer, the fun factor! If you're going to journey into the realm of Heel-dom, you might as well cause some excitement (or stir up some trouble...all depends on how you view that half full glass, eh!).

Three tips to a 'Wow 'Em' Wedge:

1. Height -An extreme wedge is always an attention getter...the higher the better, I say. Just make sure you know how to walk in those 4, 5 or 6 inchers before you venture out. Just because you can stand in them, doesn't guarantee you can walk in them!

2. Style -There is so much delicious eye candy out there in the world of wedges. If you are just starting out, slides would probably be your best option. Slides are so easy to slip off under the table, then slip back on before you head out onto the dance floor. Ankle strap wedges have a nostalgic feel to them; they remind me of 1950's secretaries (I mean administrative assistants) in those slenderizing calf-length pencils skirts. The flamboyant wedge in conjunction with the demure ankle strap tell the world that you are ready for work and/or play! My sexy style preference is anything with and ankle wrap (see my Flashback Friday post in the Baby Phat Vincenza's to see why).

3.  Details -With height and style taken care of, the decorations (or bells and whistles) to a shoe can take it from ordinary to extraordinary!  The subtleties of the details are what make any Shoe-A-Holic say, "Wow!" 

And these beauties are not short on accoutrement:  the 'rainbow straps', the knotted vamp, the hardware anchoring/displaying the rainbow and my personal favorite, the braided rainbow covering the heel...Ahhh, now that's what I call a Wow 'em Wedge!

Day 206: Monday June 18th 2012
Designer: Two Lips
Name: Rainbow
Color: Tan
Style: Ankle Strap Wedge
Heel: 5 inches (12.7 cm), Platform: 1 inch (2.54 cm)
Material: Leather Strappy Upper in a 'rainbow of shades'; knot detail on vamp with straps anchored to platform with studs

Beautiful in any color;

Here are some more pix from today's photo shoot...enjoy!

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