Sunday, November 4, 2012

MIA -Karmen, Black/White Polka Dot

Ciao a tutti!

My fellow Shoe-A-Holics, today's post is a blast from the past as my shoes took me to the local fair!  As a child (before the giant Paramount fun park arrived), the two week fair that came during the last two weeks of summer, was a child's dream come true!  There were rides, there were games, and how can I forget the food? 

It was the one time of year that I could get something that I considered truly exotic*; my siblings and I would usually choose something different, then we would all get to taste the others picks, so our homemade lunch was supplemented with a dessert mix of candy floss (cotton candy), hot dog-on-a-stick (corn dog) and a candy apple (those were the days before caramel apples)!
 The fair today, as it was then, was a treat, with games and prizes... 

There were animals, animals rides and a first for me, pig races!

 And who among us doesn't love carnival food?
Lunch was a mix of Ribbon Fries with with chili, Chicken on a stick and Turtle-Funnel cake (it was topped with powered sugar, whipped cream, caramel and chocolate sauce)! 

I have never seen a giant slushy stand before!

And the pinnacle of any trip to the fair,  my childhood favorite, the rides! 

This year I decided to forgo my usual, the carousel (do you remember my Port-of-Call in Marseilles?), to re-explore the more adventurous side of my youth...

And next time, I'll just stick with the carousel...
some things are best left to the young, and not meant for the young at heart!
Baci a tutti!
Stella Notte
Day 274:  Sunday November 4th 2012
Designer: MIA
Name: Karmen
Color: Black and White Polka Dot
Style: Ankle Strap Platform Wedge Sandal
Heel: 4.5 inches (11.43 cm)
Platform: 1.75 inches (4.45 cm)
Material: Fabric Upper with woven wrapped platform and wedge. Bow detail on vamp

Beautiful in any color (or pattern);

How I Styled it:
 On a recent episode of the Today Show (Finding the Right Pair of Jeans for Real Women), I recently found out that for my body type (athletic/thigh issues), that in order to minimize my problem area, I should wear a dark cropped flare jean, and do you know what?  I agree.  I pair these Attention jeans from Kmart with this off-the-shoulder sweater from Wet Seal, and for once, the shoes were actually an issue; I was going to the fair, and the lace-up wedges I had in mind, actually seemed a little too dressy, so instead I opted for these raffia wrapped wedges which I matched up with a straw bag.  The polka-dots have such an Americana-esque-county-fair feel, it seemed like a no-brainer!


*Truly exotic: My family is from the Caribbean, and ate, everyday, foods that the rest of the world would consider exotic; so as a child, food that wasn't spicy, was out of the norm and exotic to me.

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