Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Show Stopper Alert! Bronx -Ba Listick

Attention, Shoe-A-Holics!
We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for this Shoe-Stopper of a post!  
Guaranteed to make everyone around go crazy with envy, my fellow Shoe-A-Holics, if you do not already own a pair of Ba Listick boots from Bronx, you need to run (not walk) to the nearest shoe retailer, and get yourself these boots!

For those of you who snagged these beauties when I tweeted their unbelievably low price of $31 back in October, you already know what a sensation these boots can cause.  Right in line with this season's Brocade trend, these beauties are as sexy as they are sleek; if you are looking for a pair of  boots, which are office appropriate during the day and knock-their-socks-off at night, then these are the boots for you!  You do remember the stir I caused in the red pair!? 

Baci a tutti!
Stella Notte

Day  278: Sunday November 11th 2012
Designer: Bronx
Name: Ba Listick
Color: Brown
Style: Brocade Tall Boots
Heel: 2.5 inches (6.35cm)
Shaft: 15.5 inches (77.5 cm)
Circumference: 14.5 inches (36.83 cm)
Material: Velvet upper with floral print and metallic sparkle accents

Crushing on these boots? Check out my Tumblr Page to see how I rated them!

Love child between Gloria Allred and Prince?  Click here to see the boots I referred to as


How I Styled It?
With such a fun pair of footwear , I wanted  nothing to detract from the beauty of these boots, so I let them dictate what I wore: Black and Brown.  Now this is the second pairing of neutrals I have done in about a week (you will recall I wore grey and brown with my Eelia boots from MIA), and I have to say, this black and brown combination is just as fabulous!  The dress is from Victoria's Secret (3-4 years ago), and the coat is Chadwicks (also in the same time frame).  The scarf, gloves and tights, I bought in Italy.


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