Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bentornati! It's Boot Season: Brown Paisley Bootie

Buongiorno a tutti!

What's in a name?  That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.*

Still over a month away until the first day of Spring, and the lone bud which adorns the rose bushes I inherited, has bloomed; an anachronism** to say the very least, it has me summoning the immortal spirit of perhaps the world's most renown playwright and poet, William Shakespeare.  A rose by any other name would indeed smell as sweet, but I can't help but wonder if the same would apply to these booites, which I have had in my possession for so long but whose name has since escaped me...

 Ah!  Now I remember where I found these boots...Payless! 
Just as fabulous as expensive boots, but at a fraction of the price...Sweet!


Stella Notte

Do these beauties look familiar?  Click here to check out a taller version in red.

Day 102: Wednesday February 15th 2012
Designer: Payless
Name: None -I've had these for about 6 or seven years and lost track of the name if any
Color: Brown Paisley
Style: Ankle Bootie
Heel: inches (11.3 cm),  Shaft: 10 inches (25.4 cm)
Material: Fabric Upper

*Juliet, from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (Act II, Scene II, Lines 1-2)

1.      A thing belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists, esp. a thing that is conspicuously old-fashioned.
2.      An act of attributing a custom, event, or object to a period to which it does not belong.

***pay·o·la (it's okay, I didn't know what this one was either!)
1.      Bribery of an influential person in exchange for the promotion of a product or service, such that of disc jockeys for the promotion of records.
2.      A bribe or a number of bribes given to an influential person in exchange for a promotion of a product or service


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