Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Show Stopper Alert! Mossimo -Vianca

Attention, Shoe-A-Holics!
We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for this Shoe-Stopper of a post!
Let me introduce you to the newest neutral...anything with a leopard print!  It is amazing how this  seasonal favorite has become a wardrobe staple, pairing well with everything from rich jewel tones to bright pops of color!  Whether you get this print in a power pump or a laid back flat, it will be your new go to shoe!

Baci a tutti!

Stella Notte

Day 290: Sunday December 16th 2012
Designer: Mossimo at Target
Name:  Vianca
Color: Leopard
Style: Smoking Slipper/Tuxedo Flat
Heel: 0.625 inches (1.59 cm)
Material: Sueded Upper

Crushing on these beauties as much as I am?  Click here to get them from Target!

How I Styled It?
I've been waiting some time to showcase these beauties; styling them proved to be a little difficult for least at first! I finally found a pair of oxblood color pants from NY & Company, but them I really wasn't sure how to match them.  I went to my fabric color wheel from and followed their Two-Thirds Rule:  
The eye gravitates toward color combinations that make up two-thirds of a triad -a triad is comprised of three hues equidistant from each other on the color wheel. If you were to draw and equilateral triangle in the middle of the color wheel, the points would touch a triad of colors such as red-yellow-blue or orange-green-purple. Triads can be tricky to wear simultaneously, but picking just two colors from a triad often results in a terrific, eye-catching palette. I chose red and yellow, but like the Complementary color match (I discussed here), I went with the darker more subdued color complement (oxblood instead of red and the mustard instead of yellow) to create a more sophisticated pairing.  The long sleeved t-shirt, I got while still living overseas, and the cropped wool coat is from Anne Klein (a few seasons ago).  The scarf I  bought at an accessory story in Italy called Carina, and the clutch is from the GAP.  SN

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