Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Mile in My Shoes: 300 Pairs of Shoes!

Buongiorno amici!

Adding up the numbers, I realized that last Sunday I reached a milestone of monumental proportions; I posted my 300th pair of shoes! You will remember that when I started this journey in March of last year (Welcome-to-my-Arsenal), I first admitted that I had a problem: I wrote, I really am a Shoe-aholic...I have about 300+ pairs of shoes (give or take 20...I've 50 pairs ready to donate)”.

Since that time, my shoes have traveled such a wondrous journey; from the lava stone lined streets of Sicily to the exotic gardens in Monaco, from the white sandy beaches along the Mediterranean to surf of the Atlantic Ocean.  In our short journey, my shoes have taken me from Italy, to Spain, France, back to Italy, then to Canada and finally here to the United States!  I've strutted in stilettos, slipped into slides, rode in riding boots, feasted in flats, marched in mary-janes, and wandered about in wedges!  And we're still not done!

Writing this blog has been therapeutic.  It has given me the opportunity to not only examine what I have and where I've been, but also to appreciate both and in doing so grow as a person. 

Shoes have always been a comfort zone, so to speak, for me; a new pair puts a smile on my face, a pair of heels raises my spirits, and an expensive pair always gets me noticed -they speak without me having to utter a single word. They are transformative and those shoes which I have affectionately come to refer as my beauties have transformed me.

I have donated many pairs since I have started on this journey and it is my sincerest hope, that when I do, they transform those who come to love them more than I can.  Today, I am adding two more to my list of donated beauties:

Not much for the kitten heel these days...59.

These flip-flops look pretty rough after a trans-Atlantic flight!
The black ones (number 39 ) didn't fair too well
after a rain strom in Venice! 60.

Here's a look back on the 58 pairs I have already given away!

1 (potato)

2 (potato)

3 (potato)


5 (potato)

6 (potato)

7 (potato)

Do you think you can handle any more? 8!


10...Aknle boots!

11...A Lady needs one...

In every color...12!



I'm not adding these to the count...
I recently posted these to my blog (Day 47),
but I think the time has come to donate them...

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah...15!


Got them for a bargain
but a friend loved them more...17


Never wore these...
yes, they arrived with one stone.missing..20

21...had these dyed to match a dress for a wedding...
the wedding was cancelled, and I never wore the shoes!

My first pair of Italian shoes...
I bought them in South Carolina! 22

23...what the @#$% was I thinking?!

24...There is something about black patent!

These were my wedding shoes...
until we went the sand...25

26...I actually owned these shoes in 6 other colors!

I am a Flower Child at heart...27

28...why are blue sandals so hard to find???

Sadly, I've never worn these...29

These did match a dress...several dress sizes ago...30

31...I bought these to match a dress...
when I bought the dress, I was going to diet to fit into it...
Sadly, I dieted myself right out of the dress!

32...I wore these to a birthday party
with a killer lacey dress!

I thought I loved these shoes...
but it was only a temporary lust...33

34...these were my Catania sandals (Catania Boots)

As were these...35

36...I miss Thom McAn shoe stores :(


Chandelier flip-flops??? 38

39...a torrential downpour in Venice ruined these!

40...I may keep these...

Aren't these a sexy little number? 41

42...Oh, the things I've done in these shoes...
if they could only talk!

I had no idea I looked this good in these boots
Why am I giving these away??? 43

Hey, I liked the Granny-look...
just thought it was coming back into style again...44

45...I wore the @#$% out of these shoes, eh?!

46 & 47 From the picture, these look brand-new
...may have to reconsider!

48...these were my graduation shoes!

The red pair I had like this, were the only reason
I bought these...
The red pair fit better! 49

Taking a walk on the wild side...50

Oh, the memories...51

52..I love it when Old Navy...

...has a sale...53
These were nice...
until they started to fall apart...54!

55, 56, 57, 58
Good-bye fair shoes…parting is such sweet sorrow


Stella Notte

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