Monday, September 10, 2012

Steve Madden -Kia, Beige

Buongiorno Amici!

My fellow Shoe-A-Holics, who knew that my day of il dolce far niente (sweet do-nothing) would have turned into several days of rest and relaxation?  I apologize (especially to my Zia) for the abrupt and completely impromptu hiatus, but it was much needed; and now I am rejuvenated and ready to take on the Fall!
During my days away, I managed to take care of some business:

þ   Shedding some extra pounds (I gained 25 lbs in the year since I returned to the US, and I want my 'Italian' body back! 

þ  Re-starting my yoga routine (With a milestone birthday approaching in 288 days, yes, I am counting down), I decided that I don't want to just be in shape, but rather that I want to get fit for life!  Ah, the wisdom that comes with being almost 30...wink-wink).

þ  Write! (Family, friends and traveling aside, next to my shoes, I love to write. I realized that since my 12 year old laptop and I finally parted ways, that I have neglected one of my favorite pastimes and much needed outlets).

þ And the last thing this self-proclaimed Shoe-A-Holic did to put a smile on here face?  Well let's just say that with the highly-addictive contents inside this box, Boot Season arrived a liltte earlier this year!


Baci a tutti!
Stella Notte
Monday September 10th 2012
Day 246: Monday July 30th, 2012
Designer: Steve Madden
Name: Kia
Color: Beige
Style: Ankle Strap Platform Sandal
Heel: 5.25 inches (13.34 cm)
Platform: 2 inches (5.08 cm)
Material: Leather Upper with Printed Fabric Platform and Heel


Want to see how I styled these shoes? 
I came across this lavender dress, quite unexpectedly, with a similar crocheted-lace design as on the heel of the shoes.  The pastels in both seem to blend perfectly.  I paired the dress with an off-white belt from the the mercato and opted for a neutral wristlet-clutch to bring both ends of the ensemble together!


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