Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Steve Madden -Showie

Ciao a tutti!

Confession time, my fellow Shoe-A-Holics...I'm glad it's cool.  Now let me explain, it's been an unseasonably cold winter with the occasional bursts of spring (remember that week of mid-70's in January...then again in February?); which left me wishing for a quick summer warm up, but it came too fast, and 60 degree days were replaced by mid-80's, and I found myself vastly unprepared...I haven't quite made it in for my spring kick-off pedicure, so the feet are looking...well...rough, after a pretty active boot season!

But with the weather cooling just as quickly as it warmed up, I have the chance to break out the last few remnants of an almost gone winter season, and another favorite transition pair of footwear, booties!

In one word, booties are Chic!  A shorter version of their taller counterpart, booties are sexy and playful, daring and dressy.  They are the ideal winter staple if, like me, you have trouble with the shaft of traditional boots; whether too tight or too loose or if they just can't seem to keep their shape, a bootie eliminates the headache, giving you a sleek, pulled together look. 

My Advice:  Find a statement pair like these.  A daring heel, an internal platform, zipper detail, or a bold color; if you can't perfect your look with a boot, then find the perfect bootie!

Baci a tutti!

Stella Notte

Day 328:  Wednesday April 24th 2013
Designer: Steve Madden
Name: Showie
Style: Platform Ankle Bootie
Heel: 5 inches (12.7 cm)
Platform: 1 inch (2.54 cm)
Material: Luxe suede upper with zipper detailing

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