Sunday, October 6, 2013

Giuseppe Zanotti -E10334

Ciao a tutti!

Well, my fellow Shoe-A-Holics, here they are, the priciest shoes in my Shoe Arsenal!
While you take a few moments and experience intense emotions of lust and envy (it's all right, I experienced those things too, when I saw them...then I saw the price), I shall give you a few tips on how you too, can own a pair of high-end designer shoes, without the sticker shock!

Tip One: Save your Money!
Designer shoes, don't come cheap, especially the ones that are made in Italy and Brazil, handcrafted or made of premium materials. If you think of them as an investment piece, you'll see the value of dropping a few extra dollars in a well made pair of shoes that will last and that feel absolutely incredible on your feet.

Tip Two: Shop around!
I love a bargain, but a bargain isn't a bargain, when you find out you over spent on something you could have gotten cheaper. Look online and in stores, because although related by name to their brick and mortar counterparts, most eCommerce businesses are run by a separate entity, with different promotions and sales and sometimes even different merchandise. If you can stand playing the waiting game, then wait until the end of season sales. Sandals at the end of summer are less expensive than in the late winter or early spring, and boots are often at rock bottom prices during the warmer months. Styles generally take several seasons to cycle in and cycle out, so sandals you buy in August or September will be just as fashionable the following April.

Tip Three:  Join retailer's membership clubs (if they're free) and sign up for e-mails!
This is a favorite of mine, because had I not been a DSW Rewards Member, there would have been no way I would have gotten these $800 shoes for more than 90% off!  Yes, you read that correctly!  Many sites, like the aforementioned, pays members to shop.  You receive points for items you buy, and when you reach a certain amount, they send you coupons for dollars off a future purchase.  Additionally, this site gives you periodic opportunities to double and even triple your points on a purchase.  You can get free shipping if you spend over $35, and you can use up to 3 coupons per shopping visit.  Wow!  How I scored these beauties for a fraction of their retail value (the sell out price on the Giuseppe Zanotti website was $398), was a Luxe810 sale had in August.  These select high-end designer shoes were priced at $99 dollars (only for the weekend).  Combined with a couple of discount coupons, free shipping, and also purchased during a tax-free weekend, these designer shoes are now mine at only a fraction of the cost!

Baci a tutti!

Stella Notte

Day 354: Sunday October 6th 2013
Designer: Giuseppe Zanotti
Name: E10334
Style: Hooded-Thong Sandal
Material: Leopard-Print, pony hair upper, leather lining and sole with ankle strap and buckle

To see how I styled these beautiful Sandals and for other styling tips, follow the link below to:

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