Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pour La Victoire -Glenna, Dusty Plum

Ciao a tutti!

My fellow Shoe-A-Holics,  I have certain shoes brands that I love to buy for 1) Style, 2) Comfort and 3) I have come to trust. MIA shoes for example, I wear a 10 down the line: in boots, shoes and sandals. The width is perfect to accommodate my slightly wider than medium feet; I usually skim through the reviews and generally tend to ignore those that read to size down. I shop with confidence with this brand, and it's a great feeling knowing that what I see will not only look great, but fit as well.   

My shoe advice today is: STICK WITH BRANDS YOU KNOW!
I realize that isn’t always easy to stay with you favorite brands, especially when you see a style that you just have to have or you catch a great designer sale (like I did with these beauties pictured above). Gorgeous as these sandals might be, and although I had gotten them at 93 percent off their retail price, these size 10s fit like a size nine! And the entire time I wore them, I secretly hoped that people weren’t staring at my shoes (or rather the fact that they did not fit as well as they should); for a self professed Shoe-A-Holic, like myself, it was not a feeling I like to have with my shoes…especially not designer ones.

My suggestions: If you shop in stores, try on the shoes! I know this may sound counter-intuitive, but don’t assume that if you are a certain size with one designer, it will be the same fit across the board. And bear in mind that if you are in 'sale mode', trying to score that perfect shoe at the perfect price, it is easy to forget the basics of shoe shopping when caught up in a sale frenzy atmosphere.

Also, if you are planning to shop online, try on shoes in store (if you can) from a particular manufacturer so you basically know how a shoe fits. If you can’t make it into the store, then I strongly encourage you to read reviews of similarly styled of shoes by that particular designer. Shoes are often cut from the same pattern and size, then modifications are made for the style.  
Baci a tutti!

Stella Notte

Day 311: Sunday February 10th 2013
Designer: Pour La Victoire
Name: Glenna
Color: Dusty Plum
Style: Platform Slingback Sandals
Heel: 5.25 inches (13.34 cm)
Platform: 1.75 inches (4.45 cm)
Material: Rich suede upper, leather lining and outsole with interwoven vamp.

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